Introduction: Ctrl Desk for Space Simulators and Beyond

I was inspired by a mission control style desk. Everything you need to do your job right in front of you. When i was researching what others have created (not much out there). I came across a desk on wheels and had a sloped desk with cut outs for control panels and closed up for portability. I have a small work space and needed the flexibility to move things around in my office....... so I started with a basic frame out of perforated angle iron.

Step 1: Placement and Discovery

I bolted the frame together so I could get a feel for it and tweek as needed. Once I was happy with the height and angle of the work area. I started cutting scrap fiber board and secure it to the frame with screws. I wanted all the flight controls to fit inside the hatch and the PC its own sound proof well vented compartment with easy access.

Step 2: Mounting and Wiring

Once I knew what configuration I wanted I had to get it all the fit. The screen is mounted the lid of the desk and the flight stick when mounted on the top of the plexiglass. when the lid was in the closed position it would hit the screen. To eliminate this problem I mounted the X-55 H.O.T.A.S ( hands on throttle and stick) under the glass to save space and it gives the desk a built in or integrated look.

Step 3: Final Config

When I was happy with how everything was working and all the clearance issues worked out . I took it all apart, removed all the scrap material and used it as temples to cut the nicer MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). An ultra wide screen is mounted to the lid and was a little heavy, so I used gas springs to support the added weight and it sounds cool when they activate. I wanted clean lines and the futuristic shipping container look. I put a 45 degree chamfer and wrapped the whole thing in white vinyl. Handle and decals are going to be the finishing touches.

Step 4: Hanger Ready Player One

The Ctrl Desk is battle tested and passes with flying colors. Having used this desk for hundreds of hour I'm mostly happy with the layout but a few over sights and slight design flews keep it from being all it can be. Using what I learned I will redesign and build a new Ctrl desk in the future. But for now I have space ships to fly. As for the control panel in the Ctrl desk, that will have to be another instructable. Prost!

Step 5: Its All in the Details

Ctrl Desk project update

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