Introduction: Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich, a ham and cheese variant, was believed to have originated from cafes catering to Cuban workers in Cuba. Workers would go on lunch break and get this simplistic yet tasty meal. When Cubans immigrated to Miami it generally became known as the Cuban sandwich.

I stumbled across this sandwich myself one day as I came downstairs and found my sister making a sandwich. As she finished, I took a quick bite before she noticed; my god was it delicious. I quickly learned how to make the sandwich from my sister in quick easy steps and it became a routine meal for me.

Knowing how much I loved this sandwich, I realized others would enjoy this just as much as I did.

So here is a recipe, with a slight twist, for a rich and sour, thin and crispy, cuban sandwich.

Step 1: Your Materials

Cooking Utensils:






Cutting Board


2 Slices Sourdough Bread

1 Ounce Dijon Mustard

3 Slices of Dill Pickle

3 Slices of Ham

1 and 1/2 Slices of Swiss Cheese

1/5 a Stick of Butter

Step 2: Pre-Heat Skillet

Put the burner on medium tending towards medium low to make sure you do not burn the sandwich.

Step 3: Buttering

Butter the bread liberally. MORE IS BETTER.

Step 4: Mustard

Flip over the bread and put on the mustard. The bread may stick to the board after you are done putting on the ingredients. Feel free to add more butter.

Step 5: Spread

Spread the mustard equally across the bread to allow a even distribution of flavor.

Step 6: Cheese

Cut the cheese in half and use a slice and a half filling the spaces of the bread allowing the gooey cheese to get everywhere.

Step 7: Pickles

Slice the three pickles in half to allow for more pickle space on the sandwich.

Step 8: Placing the Pickles

Take the sliced pickles and place on top of the swiss cheese covering as much space as you can because the flavor of the pickles is essential for the sandwich.

Step 9: Place the Ham

Take the ham and place it deli style on top of the pickles. Deli style is half rolling it and placing them on top of each other. Go to a subway and watch how they put on the meat.

Step 10: Placing the Bread

Take the other slice of bread and put it on top of the other slice making sure that no ingredients fall out.

Step 11: Butter One Spot

Take a slice of butter and spread it around a small spot to allow the oil to sear the bread. This is important because otherwise the bread will not cook as well and not get the flavor that you want.

Step 12: Putting Down Sandwich

Put the sandwich on top of the cooking butter making sure that no edges of the sandwich escape the butter.

Step 13: Using the Press

Take the press and place it on top of the sandwich pressing down with slow pressure to make sure the ingredients and bread is pressed down.

Cook for a minute and a half or until golden brown. You can flip with the spatula to check for crisping.

Step 14: Flip and Press

Flip the sandwich and put continuous pressure with the press.

Cook for a minute and a half or until golden brown. Again you may check the bread to make sure you are getting the essential golden crisping.

Step 15: Final Product

Take the sandwich and a garnish if you wish. I would suggest cutting in half to get a full bite of the best flavor.

I hope you liked the instructable and more importantly, I hope you enjoy the sandwich :)

Enjoy !!

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