Introduction: Cube of Life

About: We are a team of students from Martin Van Buren HS.

Our system aims to solve the problem of the astronauts constantly needing to water the plants manually. Using a cubic design optimizes the spacing of each of our variables and gives the plants enough room to grow without imposing issues. The system allows the water to dispense on a timer, rather than needing to water them manually every few hours.


  • Plastic Glass
  • Silicone
  • 2 Timers
  • Tubes
  • Rockwool Cubes
  • Automatic water pump with pressure switch
  • Electric Fan
  • 2 Red LED Strips
  • 2 Blue LED Strips
  • 1 Green LED Strip

Step 1: Innovations in Our Design

  1. Incorporate 2 shelving units to fit more plants.
  2. 2 Perforated tubing connected to the reservoir to water plants evenly.
  3. Water release runs on a timer, watering the plants with the required amount every few hours.
  4. Pressurized electric water pump to push water through the tubes and into the rockwool.
  5. Electric fan on a timer to regulate humidity.
  6. Purple hued LED strip lights on the corners of the system. Additional green LEDs on the sides.

Step 2: Growth Medium

Similar to a hydroponic system, the lettuce is placed in separate rockwool cubes. The medium itself needs to be soaked in a condition solution that has a pH of 5.5, which then lowers the pH of the rockwool cubes to about 6.0. While the cubes are absorbent, the water runoff shouldn’t exceed more than 30%.

Step 3: The Design

Step 4: 3D Model

The Dimensions

50x50 box

12 cm of LED strip lights

Height of 15 cm for water

Height of 17.5 cm for each shelf (35 cm for two shelves together)

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