Introduction: Cubesat Lander/ Parts/lifter/shuttles X Structures/ Astero Fake Shape

Cubsat lander parts is an autonomous lifter that positions itself with mother shuttle and the modules sensorships.This modular assembly is initially stratospheric, to enjoy the constant flux warm & cold with wind tunnel. The lifter implies that the swing does not operate the propulsion.

However the lander operates an upward motion towards north east with a balancing geometric equilibrium with the mother ship which is the central transmitter and receiver from superhigh frequency

The lander, the mothership works independently with modular drones built during the mission on stratos.

The operation of our insulated electronic devices can be maintained at 0 ° to 20°


  1. Copper wires from 1 to 2.5 / 2 rolls of 200 meters metal pipes aluminous sheets limestone carbonate polyeruthanol*
  2. a phone gsm + sim card a mini flight board controller a satphone surround sound antenna booster microwaves diodes detector transistors inverters crystal radio capacitor high capacitors mini dc board arduino main board
  3. 5 tesla heating batteries
  4. 5 the coils transformers
  5. 5 potentiometers
  6. 5 magweights switch
  7. 2 differential plates warm & cold module
  8. 2 spinners electro generator

why we think of astero fake shape because this module represents the asperities we can bring to our delta² centrifugal vessel.

We are considering thermal cavities to operate liquid air condensations and warm & cold thermal pressure fields, we simulate the comet to release air pressure liquid jet propulsion. This is the CRUISER function with a pitch over a limited distance. But, note mini ship presents features of multidevices propulsion engine on board. We continue this concept knowing that it is difficult to make a vehicle in a place that is difficult for us to set foot to try either the space ... so the mission is on stratos from 15 to 40 km of altitude depending on the polarized point.

The figure of the globle represents the stages of the atmosphere which will be irregular which descent with the poles thus fields of variable density, One plans to test the launching towards an oblique point in antartic. this is to test the inclination on the different gravitational layers. The graphical logic implies a rise towards the other higher fields on the inclination of the trajectory of orbiting, the density will hold the ship in place itself in orbital's gain of the rotation speed of Earth.

Step 1: Launcher/ Ground/3d Propulsion Engine/ship/central Core/ Correctors Engines


We will be able to do it in several stages with more aprios who will coordinate in the data transmission and in the orientation of the detachable modules. We focus on the instrumentation necessary for a planning it as a ship that comes back. The calculation of the energies is necessary to make the journeys are considered upstream. Evaluating capabilities is essential to pushing our technical limits.

An airship with turbo correctors simplifies the climb into the stratosphere.It was considered a launch without a large protocol but planned mission.Geofences and autodrive are the commands on free driver navigation software. On-board tracking devices allow you to view the latest saved positions. It's complicated radio transmission but there is an issue with relayers

The electrostatic forces converge to lift the nucleus in undefined momentum with a pitch looping. In theory it is the centrifugal and centripetal spinning top on the axial the force tensions exerted annihilate the weight of the mass. clockwising pulse and orientation.It's so exciting the calculation of px related to the total mass of the ship

The feasibility of the principle
the electrical induction is done by microwaves detection for a transformation and the loading of capacitors towards heating batteries high voltage with a positive inverter

Magweight coils figures samples

Antenna rings and microwaves transformers have been imagined for an electro-static or antistatic conversion on precise cardinal points and revulsive

These are the electrodes received by the antennas that make radiation energy micro cell before transformation and conversion into electrostatic

The electrostatic power manages the pulse of the electrostatic forces and sonic pulse amplitude in cavities under pressure by unblocking the release in one direction.

Clockwising corresponds to the same principles of tension of force on 3 axes, to fragment them on cells in 3 axes and identical allow to widen our possibilities

About balancing object.Rotating spinner model is superimposed on the nucleus, in our model it is sufficient to suspend the mother ship without the propulsion, but by the dynamics of the tensions of forces. to release it gravity, geometrically it is opposed forces regulated by the vibrations of the momentum.

The advantage of this module is a continuous generator of energies, whatever the direction of rotation, the signal is transmitted as an electrode to electro magnetic induction boobines. dynamic electro cycles in gravity. the spinners are superimposed in a repulsive position.

Antistatic rings have been designed, adaptable as an alternative because it is positioned in suspension and rotation mode on x.
All the intervening fields retransmit the waves to orient the fields and to increase the radios frequencies of the ship one will need the power to emulate and to receive waves. The surge will be managed by led diodes on board or laser pointers, because the induction RF microwaves radiation insulation does not stop.

Protection wings
It is to rectify the orientations it is a model on a rod in magweigt which physically connects by a nylon cord the modular ones.

It is also a RF detector and voltmeters that evaluates the charges in the gases, and the radio electric intensities. it is a weather sensor that connects the layers of the earth by stalling the thermal junction point and the differential because the thermal ripple of the ground causes reactions with oxygenated air flow, hydrogen. this pipe that makes the condensation in water air liquid gas in container or fake shape.

Air liquid water
The cavities modify the temperature of the water to form thermal blow-shock casts without incurring combustion in space because it is very cold at 20° the differential is explosive by forming 2Hcl based on cauliflower carbonate and citrus electrolytic. therefore hydrogen is released in cold and solutions.

All the tension of the forces and the laws of the dynamics are applied

Step 2: Magweight Pulse Sonic/booster Air Liquid

Our compression and decompression engine propulsions operate on fields of renewable forces by waves in a cavity pressure field.

Electro magweight is built to move the tension point in balancing and air jet propulsion. Each module operates separately with the same variation of each type of signal: magweight pulse sonicpulse depressionsub compression in electro jet valve

There are two colors for collapsed forces producing a shock heat or balancing impact

In photonic mode the wall is made of glass and filters infras lasers rays like utras viloets in a thermic antichamber of reactions.

  • cryogenic
  • Warming liquefaction
  • radiosity mirroir cels energy photovoltaïc

Step 3: Blaster /rf Sniffer/ Generator/ Microwaves Detection & Conversions

Blaster signal is integrated into the mother ship the power regulator.

That module emits the received waves to a nucleus that modifies the transmission according to the modulations. It is a three-pole radar at the same time that returns the waves to microwaves detector that feed the radio receiving the lander on ground.

An electric generator transmitter circuit via large radio waves and remote signal synthesizer..This module polarizes the transmission fields by varying the amplitude according to the available waves.

This lander module is dockable and detachable from the parent ship to operate relay signals by positioning at a variable distance of other synchronized modules.
The separation will test laser data bridge projections with remote transfer modules

Step 4: Mother Ship/ Central Core Master Piece

master piece 3d propulsion is the new component that we want to simulate on autodesk design and solid works / ems to check the electrolytic capacitors, the thickness of the connectors and the electrothermal plate and radiation insulation

magweight containers are stored at the top of the shuttle to launch cubsat blockchain in our space, because the land is already in the species you already know.

Step 5: Technical Data

A Desktop's application will probably be necessary to program the appropriate controller to receive two frequencies.

For the mission the data is essential it is that we will receive with the signals and some images of our beautiful planet the earth. It is the tool of the schools that want to teach and analyze the meteorological variations of soil climate change program with cubsat arduino mainboard

yota expander is a data converter exe, dat c ++ in dhtml or html which allows us to instruct via our networking devices: atm / sat on board to modify applications from ground.

Softwares Designing

Autocad and autodesk extensions to finalize 3d parts for 3d printer prototyping

yota expander dialogs via a connected sat modem that retransmits data via geostationary gps gate tracking satellites.
We can make applications that interact with the functionality of the correctors and sensors for queries or statements. it's the storage data on ground and the computing service.

A) parametric management of applications
B) databases notions of experimentation procedures and missions

  1. clockwising status
  2. propulsion status
  3. magweight status
  4. sonic status
  5. haversting energy
  6. battery level
  7. solar status
  8. pitch
  9. distance
  10. speed
  11. geofences
  12. analysis
  13. space math
  14. gps gate
  15. sat phone provider
  16. navigation open pilot or libre plot
  17. advanced monitoring panel
  18. robotics

Step 6: Balloons Electro Launcher

To accomplish the action without damage in the atmosphere we have imagined balloons sonic pulse balancing and electro lifting

The core is modular and allows longitudinal orientations by sonic sequences pulse ring, beam, doom

The acoustic vibration sound on a scale is dynamic on the walls of a micro peaker receiver.
it is this diffrential that we recommend to operate RF flow in pressure cavities is a syringe for a variation of the dynamic voltage is the force resistance under pressure

  • the three fields of collapseed and revegetable closed cavity
  • electrostatic repulsive fields
  • antistatic insulation alu or nylar
  • glass cylinder
  • 8 electro magnet pulse sonic
  • 3 coils segments

Step 7: Delta Cruiser Stratojet Drone

a ship delta is very suitable return one found with detachable fragments of the modules, it is cruiser orientable on stratos which lands at a point

We beleive in our plan to try it and do it

the Futuroscol Studies


Step 8: Methodic Plan

It will be difficult to assemble without product plans. For this, we drew shapes on autodesk / tinkercad shapes examples of all the compartments of your mini space station.

It's a small-scale development design for schools that will want to explore the suburbs with enthusiasts

the required skills not only require an aerodynamic approach to design, but also electronics and the essential concepts for transforming and converting electrical power

  1. shapes designer
  2. pcb designs flightboard extensions
  3. arduino mainboard
  4. transmitter super high frequency
  5. receiver uhf
  6. radio transmitter
  7. transceiver

Staff & skills

  • a glassmaker is essential to blow and shape the glass when hot.
  • an optician can realize the cutting of optics for the option crystal photonic nozzle plumbing system connects cavities under pressure and decompression
  • quantum physics tutoring & notions will allow us to understand the phenomena we want to test
  • antigravity and laser data bridge of the transportable core
  • physical momentum adjustment navigation data
  • the implications of climate variations the polarization of the beams for the interconnection energy renewal clean energy ground impact air mpact orbital acceleration shifting trajectory correction

We add some sketching files to suggest new inspiration for our prototype

Step 9: Integrated Cubsat Radio Transmissions

the radio transmission with cubsat arduino receives the emissions of the lander towards the modules receivers which convert the high frequency into transformable energy.

RF to DC is the simple module for electrolytic conversions. The radio mfx on ground constantly emits beem ring and doom remotely in the modular cavities under pressure in the airship launcher

Step 10: Notes

We hope to have the time to put the models for 3d printer that we are checking right now for a scaling to matching all devices.

Each piece is detachable and modifiable to optimize any updates. not to forget the essential quantum physics links and the list of each component analog / digital. 500 usd will probably be enough for one of our mini shuttle, because 3d propulsion engine is the only piece you need to steer an airship at the bottom.

Step 11: Theorical Notions & Practicing

theorical magweight practice & math

air jet propulsion

lifter engine

Entire Engine Futuroscol/Autodesk

Step 12: Proportions/mass/power

shape lander

1m x 0.60m x 0.40

master piece propulsion

020m x 0.20mx 0.15m


shape ..............................................1400gr

core engine.......................................0800gr




voltage worling 36v 15w

power up heating 380v 30w

magweight pulse up to 100 feets/s

low pitch 26 to 40/sec

high pitch booster 80f/s

Step 13: Master Piece Central Core/shape/shuttle Adjustment

central core shape

  • electrical core
  • empty cavities
  • electrostatic field
  • electro transmitter
  • electro pulse transmitter
  • magweight switch
  • closed cavity
  • laser diodes
  • microwaves detector
  • empty cylinder sonic pulse,
  • balls lifter rf sub compressor & décompressor rings
  • clockwising
  • Receiver antenna in
  • radio crystal receiver
  • radio uhf antenna
  • microwaves converter slot at bottom

Step 14: Ionic & Ultrasonic Devices

Ionic circulates the electrodes between the opposing fields that attract each other to cause a dynamic in one of the directions depending on the location +++ and - ( the ground).

Force scale is the determining factor on mass resonance

The current activates the movement of objects with ionic wind /air jet. Everything will depend on the capacity of the components to maintain the charge and discharge in electrodes.

Ultrasonic is the modulation of a magneto or paramagnetic wave that carries the spectrum in db: notes, waves, voltage in the momentum.

The two forces, ionic and ultrasonic, operate together in the modulation of the force fields of the ship and the thruster