Introduction: Cuboid150w DIY Skin With Screen Protector (Mirror)

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I been using my Cuboid 150w for several months now and there are white stains(not sure if it's really a stain) starting to build up. So i tried looking for MOD skins online. It's kinda expensive just for a skin so i decided to Wrapped it myself since i got basic tools. I'll just share how i nailed it.. hehe.

Step 1: Materials :))

Okay so we need some basic materials to move forward with the project.




Masking tape (Just in case you need it)

Cellphone Screen protector (Mirror type)

Cellphone Skin

Joytech Cuboid 150w Vape MOD

Step 2: Applying the Screen Protector

Ohh well, i had a hard time with this one since i need to get the exact LxW... I did not include the control buttons cause its difficult to make an oval hole in the sticker and i think its cute lols. make sure to remember the front and back side of the sticker so you may use a pen.

Step 3: Applying the Skin

I'm a loyal Chicago Bulls fan so i really looked for Bulls skin. you may use the masking tape to get the width since your not going to include the LED part of the MOD.

Step 4: Applying Skin to the Top Part

Trace the radius using your Atomizer then cut. Make sure that it will exactly matched the round embossed part, you may cut the excess skin first then use a cutter to clean the side.

Step 5: Finishing Up!!!

You may use a cotton fabric to ensure the skin is stickin good. Tada!!!! and we are done....

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