Cucumber Crocodile

Introduction: Cucumber Crocodile

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With just a few ingredients it is possible to prepare hundreds of varieties do dishes and just as how tasty the dish is the appearance also matters. When you are making food for kids designing your recipes to look like cartoon characters would make them love the food.

So in this instructable I'm going to show you how to sculpt a Crocodile out of a Cucumber.

Step 1: Requirements

To get started you will need

  • A cucumber
  • A sharp knife
  • 2 cloves
  • Toothpicks

Step 2: Scales

First lets start with carving out the Crocodiles scales, this can be done by making v shaped slits and removing out alternative pieces of cucumber. After completing it you should have the cucumber look like the above image.

Step 3: Mouth

Then make a horizontal long slit to carve out the alligators mouth, and use tooth pics to keep the moth open.

Step 4: Eyes

For the eyes I used 2 cloves, you could use anything else that you would find that would look like eyes, but I would recommend using cloves.

Step 5: Legs

For the legs I used the slits cut out while sculpting the scales, I used some toothpicks to keep the legs held to the body.

And that's it you should now have a sculpted Cucumber Crocodile, in the next instructables I would show you how to design a few more animals like this.

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