Introduction: Cucumber Meets Oven

Cucumbers and ovens aren't usually in the same sentence. When you harvest twenty plus cukes every day, you need to be open minded. This recipe is simple and quick. The result is a delicious healthy snack that you will love.


You will need a cutting board and a sharp knife

A vegetable peeler is helpful if your knife skills aren't up to the task.

A baking tray with parchment paper to cover

A bowl and two plates

An egg with a squirt of water

A fork to whisk the egg and water

A cup of bread crumbs

Half a cup of Flower

Cucumbers of course

And sauces, lots of sauces!

Step 1: Pre Heat Oven, Peel and Deseed Cucumbers

Preheat oven to 425°f

These are rather large pickling cucumbers. The blossom end is kind of bitter, the stem end is tough. Cut them off and peel. The seeds aren't a problem but they could go mushy so cut them off as well.

Step 2: Whisk Egg

Add a little water to the egg and whisk it up.

Step 3: Create the Assembly Line

You'll need to put the flour and bread crumbs on their own individual plates. I'm using organic sweet chestnut flour I make myself from the trees on my farm, but any flour will do.These are Italian bread crumbs with herbs, panko crumbs would work as well. I'm thinking of making my own gluten free version next time, using all the partial loaves that have accumulated in my freezer. My gluten intolerant son never finishes a loaf when he visits.

Step 4: Get Your Hands Dirty

Roll the cucumber spears in the flour.

Step 5: Even More Dirty

Now dip them into the egg.

Step 6: Now All Clumpy

Now cover them with bread crumbs and set them on the parchment covered tray. Your fingers will start to resemble your hiking boots when walking in clay after a rain. Try to cover cucumbers completely if you can. I'm sure a few uncovered spots won't be a problem. Its just nice to see a job well done.

Step 7: Now Cucumber Meets Oven

Now the oven should be up to temperature. Slide the tray in and leave it there for 10 minutes.

Step 8: Remove From Oven

OK that's it. There done, really that's it. Now get ready to enjoy.

Step 9: Plate and Serve

Sauces, sauces and more sauces. Even dry spices will be welcome. I have my organic home made pepper powders available for those who like it HOT! red and green. Darn, I didn't realize I was out of sriracha. I should also have put out ketchup and BBQ sauce for those who aren't into hot sauces. Mayo, parmesan, horseradish. The list goes on and on. Once these hit the table you may want to start the next batch right away. After all the ovens still hot. Enjoy!

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