Introduction: Cufflinks From Found Items

Not so many people wear cufflinks these days - but when you do, you want them to reflect who you are! Cufflinks are so easy to make from items found around the home - fun, quirky, but still smart, these cufflinks are a conversation starter and a lovely personal gift for a groomsman!

Step 1: Game Piece Cufflinks

Parts from toys and games make great cufflinks! I particularly like ones made from Scrabble tiles and Lego bricks. Simply attach cufflink findings to the back of the toy using hot glue.

Step 2: Coins

Coins also make great cufflinks! For a wedding, silver sixpences are particularly special. No longer legal tender (and, despite their name, only worth 2 1/2p for the last decade of their currency due to decimalisation), sixpences have long been considered lucky charms at weddings. You can buy them, even mint and uncirculated, for very little online. Again, simply hot glue the finding to the coin.

Step 3: Nails

A great set of cufflinks for a maker can be made using nails or pins. Line some up into a square on some tape. Apply hot glue liberally, and add another at each end running at 90 degrees. Then push your finding into the hot glue and carefully peel the tape away.

Step 4: Limitless Possibilities!

There is no end to the things you can find around the house that would make great cufflinks! Beercaps and seashells are next on my list of things to try.

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