Cultural Collage



Introduction: Cultural Collage

Project: Compose a collage that uses South or Central American pictures, news and words to illustrate and narrate a story about the culture you choose to portray.

After the students create a collage to illustrate and narrate a story of their chosen country he/she will be able to discuss and explain a culture comfortably. 

Students will also be able to educate us in the country they have chosen and its culture in Spanish.

General Information:

Grade: High School

Subject: Spanish (Art could work too, if you replace the Spanish with English)

Unit: Countries

Topic: Cultures





·Rubber Cement, glue, decoupage

·Pictures from the country

·Spanish Words


·News Papers

·Paint, pencils, markers

·Anything you might want to use in the collage

Step 1: Getting Started

oResearch the Central and South American Culture

Step 2: Choosing a Topic

oChoose a country—The examples I provide are on Mexico and Guatemala

oResearch their stories

oPick the story you want your collage to narrate—The examples I provide for Mexico is Tooth Fairy and for Guatemala it isThe Legend of the Volcano

oBrain storm ideas on how you would like to tell your story

oBrain storm different compositional ideas

Step 3: Decisions

oTake a piece of paper or cardboard

oDecide what size you want your collage to be

oCut the paper or card board to the size you want

Step 4: Choosing Collage Elements

oStart looking for images and words that you would like to use in your collage

oYou can use a mixture of English and Spanish words, but you have to have Spanish words in there

oSince we are in the USA and we do not have images of those countries here, you can use images from the internet

Step 5: Activity

oOnce you have collected a variety of images, words and different media for your collage start mapping it out on your chosen surface (paper/cardboard)

oGive it a couple of tries until you find the best and most comfortable composition to you

Step 6: Feedback and Final Product

oOnce you think you have the composition that best fits you and your story come see me. So I can give you some feedback

oYou are ready to glue

oTake a bottle of glue, decoupage or rubber cement

oGlue your composition down

Step 7: After Project

oBe ready to share your collage and your story with the class in Spanish

oYou would be educating us on the culture and story you chose in Spanish

oYou will fill out your rubric yourself and I will go over it and fill in what I think you deserve, so we would have two opinions.

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