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Here is a simple inexpensive rainy day craft you can do with your child....  There are other instructibles using a similar process with different parts.  Unlimited imagination.  Check out my video of the cup clock in action.

Step 1: Parts

Clock kit  (You will need to cut the "Hour" hand and "Minute" hand.)
2 cups  (A clear one and a colored one that fits inside the clear one)
1 straw (cut to desired length) (Save the other end for the "Time Marker")
Small numbered stickers:
00-55 in 5 second intervals
Hot Glue (or your desired adhesive)


Step 2: Preparation

Take the larger clear cup and dremmel a hole large enough to slide over the "Hour" hand.  Attach the cut "Hour" hand. Pic 1

Take the red cup and follow the same proceedure for the "Minute" hand. Pic 1

Make sure you have them centered perfectly.  You do not want the cups to touch each other once inserted.

Now take the "Second" hand and glue the straw at desired angle.  Cut to lenght the desired height.  Pic 2

Step 3: Placement

Take the clear glass and install on the "Hour" clock mechanisim.  Pic 1 (You can place the "Hour" stickers last)

Take the Red glass and install on the "Minute" clock mechanism.  Pic 2  (You will need to put the "Second" stickers on first)

Take the straw and install on the "Second" clock mechanism.  Pic 3

Step 4: Time Stickers

Take and attach a small rod, tooth pick, or other end of cut straw and attach to the base of the "Clock".  (This will be your time marker)  Pic. 1

Set the time of the  "00" second sticker and line it up with the "Time Marker"
Now put the "12" sticker on the clear cup in line with the "00" and "Time Marker"
Rotate the Time "Clock Wise" one full rotation to where the "00" lines up with the "Time Marker"
Now put the "1" sticker on the clear cup in line with the "00" and "Time Marker"

Keep doing this process until all numbers are in place.  Pic 2

Install the battery and set the time.

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    Thank You. I saw some of your creativeness also. Keep up the good work.