Introduction: Cup Cone Mini Lightbulb Holder

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I was wondering if i could make a little incandescent light bulb holder. and came up with this solution.

Pretty much because these holders are a bit hard to find (mini incandescent light bulb holder)

Parts needed

(x2) cardboard coffee cup. (more than 2 is maybe vice)

(x1) mini incandescent light bulb

(2" by 2") sheet of aluminium paper

(x2) split paper holders

(x2) 1.foot long wires

(x1) power source

Step 1: Make a Little Holes

You need to make about 5 holes in the top cup. four around and one in center.

The hole in the center needs to be about as little as you light bulb skrew is. not to big.. just so that it passes trough. just abit smaller.

And then you have to bend a splitt pin holder along the edge of the hole

Step 2: The Innercup Connector

here you need to make a little hole. But not in the center. In fact as long from center as possible.

cut a aluminium paper for the desired size

use glue if you want.

then you push the paper splitt pin in the hole, and secure it

Step 3: Copple the Wires to the Splitt Pins

Run wire from top connector (paper splitt pin) and make a hole to it in the other cup so it goes trough.

Connect bottom connector (paper splitt pin) to another wire.

Step 4: Now It Is Ready to Assamble

pull the wire as you top the cones tog heter.

Step 5: Screw You Light Bulb Down

Screw you lightbul down. (maby lift the top cone first)

Step 6: This Could I Use.

this could i use.