Introduction: Drink Holder for Card(board) Gamers

About: I build thing for fun. Mostly with the laser cutter since I'm pretty clumsy.

Drinks are the worst enemy of cardboard. This object can be fixed on the table to store a mug, a can or a glass away from the precious and fragile game cards or boards. Since it is placed under the top of the table, the liquid can only spill on the floor.

It is high enough to hold a standard can, but kept short to reduce the risks of leg strikes. The clamp is strong enough to hold in place when hit by the leg.

It also offers a space for dices for example and a pen holder (which easily got lost under roleplayers papers).

It comes with a box which slides in to be useful inside a bag when playing away from home.

Step 1: Assembling the Parts

This object comes in three parts :

  • the body of the glass holder
  • the optionnal box
  • the clamping vice

The model has been designed for a 3mm thick material.

Building up the body and the box is quite simple.Nothing special here.

Step 2: Building the Clamping Vice

The clamping vice needs a 10x100mm vice, two 10mm nuts and a 10mm butterfly nut.

The first 10mm nut is enclosed inside the hexagonal parts.

The second 10mm nut is just used to block the butterfly nut. Glue or a special vice should be better but I did with what I found.

Step 3: Building the Head Screw

The head of the screw is enclosed in a glued wood cap. The idea is to
avoid denting the lower part of the table when clamping it.

Step 4: Install the Clamping Vice When Needed

The clamping vice is a mobile piece. There are slits in the back of the body to install the vice.

Step 5: Using the Box

When in a bag, the vice can be stored in the box for compactness.

I drew three different boxes :

  • one big box
  • four smaller stacking boxes
  • two stacking boxes intended to hold cards for CGG players

Step 6: Svg Files

Here's four svg files for cutting the object :

Portegobelet is for the object itself

  • boite1étage is for the big box
  • boite4etages is for the four stacking boxes
  • boiteCGG is for card holding