Introduction: Cup Stacking Party Game

Cup stacking is a worldwide sport, so why not have some fun at a party? This is a fun, easy and simple game to entertain your party guests. Cup stacking can be played with best friends, or as an icebreaker.

Step 1: Materials:

For this party game you will need:

10 Plastic Cups

A Stopwatch or Phone (which has a stopwatch app)

Step 2: Stacking

I would recommend doing a 4 high cup stack. Start by laying 4 cups on the base, followed by 3 on the next layer, then 2 and the final one on top. Next, the contestants need to 'pack away' the cups into the original stack.

Step 3: How It Works

I would recommend playing a simple elimination style tournament round. Easy to keep track of, and the slower stackers aren't massively disadvantaged going into the first round. You can download the 2 charts (shown in the pictures) as Word documents.

The first round is a speed round, each contestant gets 3 timed runs, they must stack and pack away all 10 cups as fast as they can. Once all the times are in, work out the average time for each contestant. For those who don't know how to work out average add the 3 times together, and divide the total by 3. Order the contestants from fastest average time to slowest. Now, fill out the flow chart pitting the number 1 against the slowest, 2nd fastest against the 2nd slowest and so on until completed. *IMPORTANT* The chart to download will only work with an even amount of people, so if you have an uneven amount you have 2 options. You can either see if 1 more player will join, or eliminate the slowest contestant.

For the rest of the tournament, do 'stack offs' between the contestants. For this you will need 20 cups, if you only have 10 cups, you will have to do timed runs, fastest of the 2 moves on. Each time a contestant wins a stack off he or she moves onto the next round. When you have 4 contestants left, this is the semi final round, the 2 winners will face off in the grand final.

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