Cup and Coin Magic Trick

Introduction: Cup and Coin Magic Trick

Hello, today I will teach you how to do a very simple magic trick that is great to do at parties. It involves a coin disappearing and reappearing under a cup.

Step 1: Materials

You will need...
2 pieces of paper or 2 paper plates
a clear cup or glass
a glue stick
a pencil or pen
a napkin or towel
a coin or small, flat object

Step 2: Setting It Up

First, you will need to draw a circle around the rim of the cup on your first piece of paper. After doing so, cut the circle out. Next, place the cup on the circle to make sure it's even. If not, trim the edges so it looks neat. After that, put some glue around the edge of the glass (Don't let the glue dry!). Put the cup on the circle and make sure it sticks. It doesn't have to be a tight bond, just enough to keep the circle of paper on the cup. Place a coin on the second piece of paper. Put the cup over the coin. The paper glued on the cup should look smooth covering the coin.

Step 3: Doing the Trick

Now comes the neat part. Ask someone in the audience to look through the cup and determine if they can see a coin or not. When they say no, put the towel over the cup and raise the cup. The coin has magically appeared! Put the cup back down over the coin. Where did it go?

I hope you liked the instructable, now go trick some friends!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I know a variant of this trick, that is slightly more complicated, but evades the problem of people seeing the paper glues to the cup as you place it over the coin. It can also be developed so that you can easily (and with NO sleight of hand) replace the cup with paper, for a cup without and the give this new cup to the audience to see - I might make an 'ible on that.


    11 years ago on Step 3

    Thank you so much! This is just perfect for my son's 1st grade show!