Introduction: Cup of Microgreens

Grow your own food quickly without taking up space!

Step 1: Fill Cups With Soil

Fill the cup/s with soil and lightly water with a mister. I water with a mister because heavy water pressure can flood or remove the soil.

Step 2: Select Your Seeds

You can use just about and type of vegetable seed. I find leafy greens to be the easiest. The seeds I selected are a basic salad mix. Arugula, radish, kale, and broccoli work just fine as well.

Step 3: Planting Seeds

Generously spread the seeds over the moist soil. Do not burry the seeds. They will grow uncovered.

Step 4: Light

Place seeds under a light. You can also place them on a window seal or counter top that gets a good amount of natural light.

Step 5: Eat Them

After about 5 days, they will be 1-2 inches tall. You can cut them with scissors and add them to your food.

Step 6: Step 1: Find a Mug or Cup

Select a mug or cup you would like to use to grow your microgreens. Make sure you wash and dry it first. the cups can be deep or shallow. I used dessert glasses.

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