Introduction: Cupcake Cookies

Need something new and fun to entertain kids or maybe just a great party treat?

Cupcake cookies are just the thing for you!

I'm sorry, I don't own a camera so there are no real pictures, I tried my best to photoshop them using paint (which doesn't really make sense).

The first I made cupcake cokies was when I ran out of non stick pans.

What you need:

A baking tray (or a cupcake tray)

cupcake papers

cookie dough or your favourite cookie recipe (brownie recipes work too)

Step 1: Make Your Cookies

Just as it says in the recipe book.

BUT wait don't put it on the tray or bake it.

Place your cupcake papers on the tray as close together as you can, then pour or place about a 1-1.5cm of cookie dough in the papers.

Before I bake it I like to add chocolate chips in a smiley face on top. Then I bake them according to the recipe.

And voila wait for them to cool and you have an interesting treat!