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Everyone loves cupcakes. The only problem with them is that they never last very long. Except for cupcake hats! This easy fleece hat is lined and cute as a button!

Step 1: Materials

To make a Cupcake hat you will need:

½ Yd. Pink Fleece
½ Yd. Brown Fleece
½ Yd. Knit Lining
Cherry for the Top - Optional. I couldn't think of how to make a cherry out of fleece, so I popped the pom-pom off a pair of old Christmas socks. ;)
Different colors of thread for sprinkles - You could use felt/fleece scraps for this as well
Pattern - (Picture 2) You can print it out or just copy the shape, just make sure the bottom is the right length. For my 21½ inch head, it was 6 inches.

Of course it doesn't have to be pink. You could make a vanilla or chocolate flavored cupcake!

Step 2: Cut It All Out

First, we are going to cut out all the pieces you will need. There are 3 basic parts to this hat; the brim, the top and the lining.

The brim: The brim is a big rectangle at the bottom of the hat. (Or, the cupcake's sleeve). Cut this on the fold, 6 inches wide and 11½ inches tall. (To find your correct measurement, measure the circumference of your head, divide that in half and then add half an inch)

The top: This is the top of the cupcake, made of 4 triangle-like pieces. Use the pattern on Step 1 or cut your own out. You'll have to do some math. The bottom of mine was 6 inches long, so when all four are next to each other it's 2 inches longer than my head circumference. You have four seams and a lining you will be putting in. (Remember: you can always cut extra off, but you can't put more fabric on)

The Lining: This is the inside of the hat. I like to use a light stretchy knit for this. It doesn't really matter what color you use, I use the same white I use for all my hats. Cut this out just like you did the top.

Extras: You will also cut out a fringe for the edge of the cupcake. This is as long as your brim. In the picture I showed this at about 1½ inches thick, but this was too wide and I ended up cutting it to 1 inch later.  I ended up dotting it every 1¼ inch with a sharpie, and then cutting the pattern between those dots.

Step 3: Sewing the Top

First we are going to sew the top. Take two of triangles of pink and put them right sides together, sewing along one side. Do this for both pairs. Once you have the pairs, put them right sides together. Don't forget to sew your cherry in at the top!

You may need to go over the cherry a couple times just to be sure it won't easily pop off.

Do the same thing for the lining. (Except for the cherry of course ;)

Step 4: Sprinkles!

To add the sprinkles, find washable markers that match your thread colors. I used red, blue and yellow threads. Draw on the hat where you want to put the sprinkles. I did around 5 on each panel, and you will want to mix them up and make them angle different directions. Make sure you can get the marker out of the fleece, I ended up switching a few of mine around.

Set your stitching on a zig-zag stitch. You have to adjust it so it will look solid. Practice a few times on scrap fleece so you get a good feel for it.

Going one color at a time, sew in the sprinkles. This gets pretty tedious, but it looks good in the end.

Step 5: Sewing the Brim

Open up the brim and lay the pink fringe along the top. Put it back right sides together, and sew along the short edge.

Step 6: Sewing the Top to the Brim

Next, we are going to sew the Top to the Brim. Turn the Brim inside out, and then with the Top upside down, put it inside the brim. Match at the back seam and pin all three layers together. Put a few more pins in and then sew all the way around.

Turn right side out and see if it fits!

Step 7: Add the Lining

To add the lining, turn the Top part and the Lining inside out, and line up at the back seam. Pin all the way around. It will look like a giant, tri-colored bean now. Sew around the edge, leaving about an inch of space to turn it. Pull out all the pins and cut the extra threads, and then turn it right sides out. Try it on and make sure it fits, you might have to make some adjustments with the lining, but if you are happy just sew up the hole with a quick whip or tunnel stitch.

Enjoy your cupcake hat! (But not too much, it doesn't really taste that great)

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6 years ago on Introduction

Would it be okay to make this hat without the lining or would it not work right?


Reply 5 years ago

Lining is not necessary as long as your fabric isn't see-through


9 years ago on Introduction

How super cute! Did you enter this in the cake decorating contest? It would be thinking outside the box, but it couldn't hurt to give it a try! Very nice job!

pie popper
pie popper

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! I'll try and see what happens.... ;D