Introduction: Cupcake Nail Art

This instructable will teach you to put cute cupcakes on your fingernails for a bake sale, your birthday, or just because cupcakes rock.

Step 1: Clear Coat

Always apply a clear base coat when painting your nails.

Step 2: Base Color

Once your clear coat is dry, you should do a base color. I suppose you do not have to, but I prefer to.
Ordinarily, I would do a white base coat, however I ran out of white so I used silver instead.

Step 3: Cupcake Liner

Once your base color is dry it is time to make the base of your cupcake.

The first time I did these nails I used only the nail brush that comes with the polish. You can do that, but if you have special nail brushes, I recommend a flat brush.

Basically, just make a rectangle or a trapezoid. If you make the trapezoid, the top should be wider than the base.

The top does not need to be perfect, because you will be covering it with "frosting" anyways.

Step 4: Frosting

You do not need to let the cupcake base dry before adding the frosting, but you can if you want.
The first time I did these nails I used pale pink. This time, I used a pink with some glitter in it to look like sprinkles.
*I actually got the pink glitter polish with these nails in mind. When I got home with the polish I saw that the color was called "Birthday cake" OMG! Perfect :)

Like I said, the first time I did these nails I used a regular nail brush. This time, I used a dotting tool.
I made dots in a row at the top of the cupcake base. Then, above that row, I did another row centered to the previous, and then one more, making a pyramid.

Step 5: With a Cherry on Top!

Of course your cupcake needs a cherry on top!
You can CAREFULLY use the regular nail brush or, if you have a dotting tool, use that instead!

Step 6: Outlining Your Picture

Make sure all the polish is super duper dry!!!!!
Use either black polish with a thin tip, or a nail art pen to outline your project.
I got my nail pen from RiteAid (Do those exist all around the US, or just in New England?)
The drug store, get it at a drug store :) Or Wal*Mart.

Step 7: Cupcake With a Clear Coat on Top

Once your black ink is SUPER dry, you can add the clear coat.
Do NOT add it before the polish is COMPLETELY dry, or the black will run!!!!

Now show off your awesome new yummy looking nails.
Makes you want to lick your fingers, doesn't it? ;)