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Introduction: Cupcake Plate Stand

Cupcake plate stands have been around for a long while. Its first appearance was somewhere in the 18th century and it was meant to serve, cakes, cookies and fruits. Lately this gorgeous accessory is back in style and very popular. 
There is absolutely no doubt that this plate stand will upgrade your desert table at any event - wedding, birthday or even holiday dinner. 

Although its popularity is increasing, most stores rarely hold these in stock and even if they do their design options are fairly limited. This is why we have no other choice than to simply make it ourselves (yay!) 

This instructable will take you through the different steps of constructing the cupcake plate stand. 

For our Hebrew readers, this DIY was originally posted in hebrew at my beautiful wife's blog for special event inspiration

Step 1: Materials

So what you will need is simple : 
1. 3 china plates in 3 different diameters (you can choose different colors and sizes)
2. Cake plate stand center handle - you can buy this from ebay. it costs about 3$ and is available in silver and gold (washers and screw included). 
3. A drill
4. Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit Glass for Glass tiles, china or ceramics. Also availablt on ebay for 4.6$. 
5. Duct tape/ Masking tape

Step 2: Construction - Drilling

1. Use some duct tape on the center of the plate (no need to measure at this point, just make sure you are covering the center - see photo)
2. Mark the approximate center of the plates (you can use a ruler and pen to measure and mark the sweet spot). 
comment - the duct tape role is to prevent the drill bit from moving around the smooth surfice (causing you to miss the marked center point) 
3. Pour a small amount of water into the plate (the water role is to dissipate the heat and prevent the plate from breaking while drilling)
4. Place the drill with the dedicated drill bit on the marked location.
5. Start drilling - make sure to drill slowly (up to 1000 rpm), you can also drill in short slow pulses. 
6. Once you have made the initial niche you can remove the duct tape.
Repleat these steps for all plates

important comment - make sure to drill from the top side of the plate (and not the bottom as the photo illustrates). The whole edges are much cleaner and smooth from the drilled side. 

Step 3: Construction - Assembly

1. Take the largest plate and station it with the bottom facing upwards.
2. Place the rubber washer on the hole.
3. Place the metal washer on the rubber washer.
4. Place the screw inside the hole.
5. Flip the plate (make sure to hold the screw so it wont fall.
6. Place a rubber washer from the other side of the plate.
7. Screw on and tighten the center handle. 
8. Place a rubber washer on the center handle.
9. Place the meduim plate on top of the center handle.
10. Place a rubber washer.
11. Place the second center handle and tighten. 
12. Repeat 8-11 with the smallest plate and the final piece of the center handle. 

Step 4: All Done

Thats it. You are all done. 

Enjoy your cupcakes :) 

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you so much :) dont forgret to vote for it in the cupcake contest

    Very cute! I love how easy it is and since you are making it yourself, it is personalized to whatever you want it for :D


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you got it right :) personalizing is one of the great advantages of doing it yourself.
    thanks :)