Curly Hair (Doll/Puppet)




Introduction: Curly Hair (Doll/Puppet)

I had needed some kinky curls for a puppet of myself used in a stop motion video. It's a bit hard to find yarn that already came with few curls, yet not enough for a full head of hair. So using typical hair I figured out to make some without the need for advanced crochet skills! Amazing for handmade dolls and puppets!

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Acrylic Yarn (most yarns tend to be acrylic, always check the package to be sure)

- Wooden sticks (typically found at your local craft store, I purchased mine at Jo~Ann's for a 1 dollar)

- Glass baking pan

- Scissors

- Water

- Oven

Step 2: Slip Knot

First things first take a wooden crafting stick and put the yarn underneath it to begin the slip knot. Follow the pictures for easy reference.

Step 3: Slip Knot (continued)

Here you tuck the yarn underneath the side that is still attached to the ball. Then you take the piece you just tucked underneath through the loop that has formed and pull it through tightly.

Step 4: Wrapping

Now that the knot is in place, You now begin to wrap the yarn around the crafting stick. The closer together you wrap, the tighter the curls, and vise versa the farther apart you wrap the looser the curls are. In my case I wrapped very close together in order to imitate my own kinky curl pattern. Continue wrapping the yarn around until there is about a centimeter or so of space left at the bottom.

Step 5: Dampen and Bake

Now that your "hair" is completely wrapped, You finish it off with another slip knot. Under a running faucet or into a cup of water, completely wet the yarn and cut off the extra "tails" to reduce even a slight chance of burning. Place the yarn covered crafting stick onto your glass baking pan and stick into the oven at 350. Let them bake for 6 minutes to evaporate all the water within the yarn.

Step 6: Wa-La!

After being toasted in the oven, and cooled for a bit. Yo're now ready to see the results! Moving the yarn up the shaft to the end is you can now unroll the hair from the crafting stick and Wa-La! You have your own curled hair to use as you please!

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    4 years ago

    Such a cool, useful and easy idea. No more bald dolls and fewer doll hats for me! Thanks!
    (One small correction - your 'wa-la' is actually 'voila.')