Introduction: Curly Hill Ornament DIY

This DIY showed you how to make a Curly Hill ornament, from Nightmare before christmas

Step 1: Clear Ornament

You need a clear ornament to do this project, You'll have to take off the top of the ornament. So you can use it for the next step.

Step 2: Paint

Get yellow acrylic paint and squeeze some into the ornament.

Step 3: Paint the Inside

Once you're paint is in the ornament you'll have to gently turn it so then you can't see inside of it anymore. Then You have to find a trash bag and lay it out on the ground and tap out the rest of the paint inside.

Step 4: Done Painting

Once you're done with the paint, you need to get the top back on.

Step 5: Drawing

Once you're done with putting the top back on you'll need to find a permanent marker, and start to draw Curly hill.

Step 6: Curly Hill

This is what it should look like at the end.