Introduction: Curse Box From Supernatural

For years now I have been in need of a curse box. I own a coffeehouse and one of our coffee mugs is a cursed. Originally the curse was if you drank from the cup you got good luck until someone else drank from the cup. Then you would have bad luck and the last person to drink from it would be lucky. After a horrible streak of bad luck my husband yelled How could it get any worse and shattered it. Well that was not the end of the 'unicorn mug'. One day my husband came into work and a packaged arrived. When he opened much to his furry, the unicorn mug was inside. Of course we had to put it back into rotation. Since we've received this second mug the curse has changed to if you drink from it you have a streak of bad luck. As I see it, the only way to solve this problem was to make a curse box to seal it in.

Step 1: Supplies

•Woden box (you can find one at a cray store in the wood craft area)
•Black and White Acyrlic Paint
•2 Paint brushes. One larger and one small
•A sheet of cardboard or newspaper for work surface

Step 2: Paint It Black

Remove hardware from wooden box. Paint the entire thing black. Inside and out. Once dry reattach hardware. Idea: replace hardware with some that looks cooler and maybe locks.

Step 3: Add Symbols

With a pencil sketch on the symbols. I used the ones that were on the curse box of the Lucky Rabbits Foot episode. In later episodes different symbols can be seen on curse boxes. My Cursed item is similar to the Rabbits Foot so I figured that was the way to go for mine.

After I penciled it on I traced it with the white paint with the small brush. Be carful not to rest your palm on the wet paint.

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