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 I had a curtain that I took from my Mom's home last year after she passed away. She always loved expensive things ans I remembered her saying she spent  $50 a yard for this fabric. No one else wanted such a heavy dark fabric, but i felt i could reperpose it for something.
   Well I lost my Mom and got my first grandchild last year. I knew my Mom would love knowing her curtain was made into her grand daughters first coat.
    I wanted to make something classic looking with a modern twist. I started with a basic bodice and sleeves. There was a scrap of black camel hair among my Mom's fabrics, so I decided to use that  for a collar. I also made a head band and trimmed the matching hat and muff with the camel hair.
    For a touch of femininity , I made poppies to decorate the collar, headband , hat and muff.
    My grand daughter will be visiting Santa Claus this week in her new repurposed curtain coat.

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    I love repurposing projects. Your mom's good taste and you eye for hidden treasures gave your grandchild an heirloom to cherish.