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About: I am a full time product designer who spends far to much time at the weekends in my shed trying to invent things!

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic new product that hopefully bump starts a whole wave of British engineers, both young and old! The cool thing (from my point of view) is the first batch at least won't have a case, therefore with the aid of a 3D printer you can have your own custom case design!

I have designed my "Custard" case which features an organic look! The dimensions are 70mm wide x 97mm long x 36mm high so it is really compact and comes in two pieces.

The 3D case can be ordered from Shapeways here or 3D print your own from the downloading the file "3D Print Custard Case for Raspberry Pi.STL"

****I have updated the CAD file with the missing USB power as well****

Step 1:

The case can be 3D printed (SLA, SLA, etc). The Raspberry Pi PCB simply wedges on a ledge between both parts which are snap fitted together. I have made a YouTube video showing the case in more detail here;

An A4 PDF can be downloaded below which provides more details on the size of the 3D print.
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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That is a really cool case, looking forward to making my first print in a while on my local hackerspace's 3D printer.

    I will definitely print mine in yellow if available alternatively print it in my old friend ABS white and spray paint it yellow :D

    Just a quick question (al be it noobish as its been a while since I last printed), is it possible to provide an STL that has the top and bottom layers separated?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there,

    I am currently on my honeymoon in Hawaii so I am not able to access my files :-) Where abouts are you based as we have a few days in SF before heading home to the UK. I have never seen one of these hack spaces and would love to check one out! Even better to see a model printed out that I worked on (I have not even seen a Rasberry Pi)



    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry to point this out to you... But you've made no cutout in the top for the USB Micro (which is the power connector) so this case is completely useless in it's current state.

    I've got a Raspberry Pi, it's a lot of fun, but without power it's just no fun!!!