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How many of you would have just a meal and keep quiet thinking that they are done with the meal, for all those of you here is the fact.
Till now you were not having a proper meal, I mean come on a meal is not a meal without a magical dish after that, the magical dish is nothing but a Dessert. The world knows a lot of desserts and still looks for a lot more variations to have after the meal.

Here is the fact that where there are many types of Desserts, Fruit Salad is considered to be the most consumed and liked Dessert by most of the population.

Adding some custard to it makes it even more yummy and tasty. It is Healthy as well as tasty so what are you waiting for, Here is the tutorial for this mouth waitering dessert.

Step 1: Ingredients


  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Pomegranate

You can add any type of fruits to a salad , I am considering the above ones


3.Custard powder


Step 2: Boil the Milk

  • Check weather the milk is good or not because if the milk is expired or something your custard will be ruined.

Carefully add milk to a glass and make that glass as your measure.

  • I am adding one glass of milk , if you want more custard you can add more milk.
  • Pour that glass of milk into the a bowl and keep it on stove.
  • Turn on the flame and keep it in Simmer.

Step 3: Add Custard Powder

  • To the simmer boiling milk add custard powder. This powder you can get in general stores.
  • The custard powder ratio is 2:1 to the milk that is for 2 cups of milk add 1 cup of Custard powder.
  • Stir it real fast at the time you are adding the custard powder only or else you will end up with cramps in your custard.
  • As soon as you powder comes into contact with the boiling milk it starts to get solidify so you need to stir it well.
  • After it becomes a creamy like texture turn off the flame and keep the bowl inside the refrigerator for an hour.

Step 4: Chop the Fruits

  • Take the fruits that you choose to add to your salad and first clean them properly by dipping them in water .
  • Now take a knife and chop the apples into small cubes because if you cut it into slices it will be hard for you to eat in your salad.
  • Peal the banana and chop it in a wheel shapes manner .
  • To take out the pomegranate seeds you need to cut it on the four sides , tear them apart and then gently you need to take out the seeds.

Step 5: Prepare the Salad

  • Now take out the custard that you kept in the refrigerator an hour ago.
  • Serve the fruits that you cut into a bowl and arrange them well.
  • Add the creamy custard on top of the fruits and start digging in.

Try this and Have a complete meal from today onwards.

Thank You:)

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