Custom 1X1 3D Printed Lego Piece W Tinkercad

Introduction: Custom 1X1 3D Printed Lego Piece W Tinkercad

the video link is here I will print the piece ASAP .we will be using TinkerCAD an online service and if you have never used it just learn how to move stuff and align, you will need

1. computer

2. (optional) A file or thing to add to the top side or bottom of your basic 1X1 piece

3. (optional if not printing )THE ABILITY TO USE A 3D PRINTER

Step 1: Step1 Get All the Shapes

(Do not forget to put snap grid on 0.1mm )You will need a 8mmx8mmx9.6 box a 4.8mmx4.8mmx9.6mm box hole and a 4.8mmx4.8mmx1.6mm cylinder and your own file ( if you are customizing a file you will resize to your liking )

Step 2: Step2 Make the Brick

First align the cylinder and box, raise the cylinder to be touching the box but not in it. Group them. Then align and group the hole and brick

Step 3: Step 3 Customize and Print !

First take your object resize it and put it where you wish then print (I suggest PLA 100% in fill but is should still work anyway P.S. you may need supports depending on you customization)

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    3 years ago on Step 3

    If it does not clutch well try changing the 4.8 in all the shapes to a 4.86 or a 4.9