Introduction: Custom Assistive Spoon

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Some hand disabilities need a special way to use certain tools. This project uses minimal supplies to change a spoon into a device anyone can use.

You can recreate these steps for any tool and any disability!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this mod you will need:
Shapelock or similar low heat plastic (polymorph)
Spoon or other tool to modify

Warning: There has been some concern about having this material in close contact with skin either while cool or hot. Here is the MSDS for a similar product Friendly Plastic. The MSDS does not suggest any ill results from contact with skin. It is true shapelock has not yet released an MSDS that is easy to find.  If someone can find one, please comment below.

Of course with all hot things use caution and if doing this for someone who has low heat senstivities, use a glove or some insulator between the warm plastic and skin. The plastic doesn't stick you your skin very well, so when it dries, it comes right off.

Step 2: Heat Shapelock

The first step is to heat the shapelock so you can form it.

Step 3: Shape the Plastic

Next while still hot, shape the plastic around your hand and put the spoon in. Once you are happy with the result, let it dry. Should take around 5 minutes to harden.

Step 4: Admire Your Work

Once the shape hardens, it's ready for use!

Please post your own mods in the comments!
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