Introduction: Custom Back to the Future Signs

Have you ever wanted to create a custom "Back to the Future" sign, but didn't know how? Well, if you have, then I'm glad to help. I created a custom interchangeable sign that you can customize with anything you want, such as jokes/puns.

Step 1: How I Made It

To create this, I simply went in to Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 and set the background to black, selected the font to "Segoe UI Black" and created different text boxes with different sized fonts so that you can change out the words inside the text box. To change the color, I right clicked on the word, selected format text effects, text fill and outline, gradient fill, and select the red and yellow colors and move the gradient stoppers so that the transition is in the middle of the letter. To finish, under the drawing tools format tab, click text outline, Blue, Accent 1, then go to weight under the text outline drop down bar and click 1 1/2 pt. Repeat this for all text boxes. Lastly to add the arrows, go to the insert tab, shapes, left arrow (or right arrow for the bottom one). Repeat the steps for the fill and outline of the letters on the arrows, then add the skinny rectangles behind them. You will have to add the fill and outline for one of the rectangles and then from there you can just copy and paste the rest. Thats It! This was a little bit time consuming, so for convenience sake I will include a link to my copy that you can access to change without having to go through all the work.

Step 2: Link

here is the link to the copy I made so you don't have to make it yourself, I hope you enjoy it, and if you use it please share your creative ideas for customizing it!

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