Introduction: Custom Bar W/Counter Top

This bar was built for the forensic team at our school. This can be built free floating, however we used the concrete to help support the whole bar and shelves.

Step 1: Empty Room and Blueprints

This was the room we used to build the bar. It is 8ft×13ft and has concrete floor and walls.

Step 2: Supplies

5-2×4's 8ft
4-2×6's 8ft
Concrete drill bit
Multi-purpose screws(3 inch)
4×8 plywood
Paint (any color)
Countertop (ours is 1ft4in × 6ft long)(optional)
L-brackets (heavy duty and small ones)

We bought extra wood just in case we made a mistake in measurements. Buy as much as you think you need.

Step 3: Sizing Wood

Cut the 2×4 and the 2×6s to the height you need. We did 3ft 11in because our counter was about 1in thick. Keep in mind the counter thickness and the way you cut the wood. Our bar is 4 feet tall.

Step 4: Install 1st 2×6

We installed the first post (a 2×6) into the concrete wall to help support the weight of the countertop.

Step 5: Other Posts Instalation

Install the other 2×6 on the other side of the counter. Put 2×4 posts in front of bar to add support. We put 2 more posts behind the front part of the bar to help support the weight of the countertop. The posts go into the floor.

Step 6: Front Board Instalation

We cut down the plywood to a 6×4 piece to cover up the posts in the back.

Step 7: Hinge for Bar Door

We had a long hinge to attach to a smaller countertop to make a hinged tabletop for more space and easy access. We put a wood block on the wall to hold up the bar.

Step 8: Smaller Shelf Inside Bar

We took what was left of the plywood and made a shelf inside the bar area. Since we did not have access to a hand saw, we had to chisel it out. If you have a miter saw use that to cut out the areas where the posts are.

Make sure you use a level to make a flat shelf (it doesnt look flat in photo, we were making sure it fit with the 2 posts)

To hold up the shelf we used small L-brackets.

Step 9: Paint

We painted the front board and the posts after we installed them. So we removed the front panel to make sure the paint doesnt run down the front. You should paint before you install the pieces.

Step 10: 2nd Countertop

We had extra counter space, so we used heavy duty L-brackets to hold up the counter.