Introduction: Custom Bath Salts

Hi! I'm Maverick12. I'm a big DIYer and after a long day all I want to do is sit back and relax. I started making these simple bath salts when I was kid and occasionally still make them today. So go ahead, make one of these and relax!

Step 1: Needed Supplies

You'll need some supplies to make these up quick.

A bowl and a spoon for stirring.

A small bag. I used a fabric sachet.

A jar of bath salts. These are crystals/minerals that work wonders for skin.

Aromatics. I'm using lavender because I like the smell. Different aromatics tend to promote different "moods".

Oil is optional. I'm using pure olive oil because I intend to use this right away. The oil has a tendency to leech out of the sachet bag so it doesn't store well for long. I highly recommend using coconut oil if you can. Olive oil works, but it leaves a bit of a film on skin that you have to wash off.

Step 2: Now Mix!

First, add four tablespoons of bath salts to a bowl. Then add one teaspoon of olive oil. I add about four drops of lavender. Feel free to adjust this as you wish. But be careful, most of the jars allow the liquid to drop very quickly. It is easy to over do things.

Now stir! I then place it into the sachet bag.

Step 3: How to Use

When I've had a bad day I take a bath.

First, I turn off some of the lights in the bathroom. (There's three!)

Then I light some candles and run a hot bath.

About halfway through the water filling I throw one of these in. The salt and oils melt into the bath while the perfume smells wonderful. (Hint: Lavender is extremely relaxing.)