Introduction: Custom Chess Pieces From 1 Wooden Dowel

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I bought a sparkly, pretty travel chess board from the markets of Khan el-Khalili in Egypt (pre-revolution) a few years ago. It only came with little plastic, crappy chess pieces, and I wanted something a little better so I made these simple wooden chess pieces. 

There are already ALOT of nice instructables detailing some beautiful chess pieces made with lathes, but I wanted something simple (and unfortunately I do not have a lathe). 

I made these pieces out of a single wooden dowel and a dremmel in a few hours (and so can you!)

Step 1: Supplies and Materials

You might have to take out a loan for this instructable; you will need: 
  • 1 wooden dowel (I used a 1/2'', but you can use something larger if you desire, like the 3/4'' shown in the picture)
  • dremmel tool
    • Rounded tip bit
    • Flat tip bit
    • Cutting wheel

Step 2: Step 1: Cut the Dowel

The first step is to decide how tall you want your pieces. for my board, I decided to have the smallest pieces (pawn) about 1cm tall, and have the tallest pieces (King and Queen) about 2.5 cm tall. The remaining pieces were sized in-between 1-2.5cm, and I'll give the details in the following steps.

You will need: 
  • 16 pawns
  • 4 rooks
  • 4 knights
  • 4 bishops
  • 2 queens
  • 2 kings

Step 3: Step 2: Craft the Pieces

This is the fun part. Get creative with your designs. You can carve them by hand without a dremmel if you want- that would even more OG. 

After you make them, you can make one set a different color by using varnish or wood sealant. The darker pieces in the pictures were coated with sanding sealant. 

I'll detail how I made each piece step by step as a guide. 

Step 4: The Pawn

This one is the easiest by far. The pawn is about 1cm tall.
  1. I just made cut the pieces into 1cm
  2. And I sanded the top and bottom edges.  I call it the "nugget"

Step 5: The Rook

The rook is about 1.5cm tall. 
  1. I used a rounded tip to carve out a little bowl in the top of the piece, then used a cutting wheel to make a cross. 
  2. The cutting wheel burned the wood to create a dark detail. 
  3. And I sanded the top and bottom edges.

Step 6: The Knight

The knight is the same size as the rook: about 1.5cm tall. 

This one is a little more detail oriented. 
  1. I first trimmed half of the piece into a flat piece, leaving the bottom half rounded.
  2. Then I used the flat tip to carve a gap to make the nose stand out.
  3. For the eye I used the round tip to make a little indention.
  4. I used a flat tip to make some details for the 'mane'.
  5. And I sanded the bottom edges.

Step 7: The Bishop

The bishop was a little taller than the knight and rook, approximately 2cm tall. 
  1. I used a rounded tip to distinguish the head.
  2. Then used a cutting wheel to make a slanted angled cut down to the bottom of the head. 
  3. And I sanded the top and bottom edges.

Step 8: The Queen

This one was fun to make. The queen was about 2.5cm tall. 
  1. I first used the rounded tip to carve out a little donut in the top.  
  2. Then I used the cutting wheel to cut a line to make a head, and to make a zig-zag design at the top edge.
  3. I also sanded the top and bottom edges.

Step 9: The King

Big Daddy. The king was the same size as the Queen-2.5cm tall. 
  1. First I used the cutting wheel to distinguish the head
  2. Then I used the flat tip to carve out a cross on the top. 
  3. And I sanded the top and bottom edges 

Step 10: Color the Pieces and Hone Your Skills!

As I mentioned before, you can use a wood varnish or oil to make one set a different color. 

Then, play! 

I hope you found this helpful, and I'd like to see what variations you come up with. Post your pics in the comment section. 

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