Introduction: Custom Clone Trooper Helmet

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Based upon the build details from PunishedProps Bill Doran @chinbeard

After completing and participating in the Mandalorian helmet challenge at the above link, my son and his friend wanted Clone Trooper helmets...but not just like the ones from the shows, but a mash up of different versions (they liked aesthetics from the different movies and shows, and the two main phases of the Clone Trooper helmets out there).


  • EVA foam (I used the ones for exercise floor tiles) 1cm thick, and 2mm thick
  • contact cement
  • acetate sheet
  • window tinting
  • paint (PlastiDip spray, glossy white spray and acrylic paint)
  • foam pipe insulation
  • silicone sealant in a tube

Step 1: Base Helmet

The base helmet was created using the PunishedProps template to create the dome top, and the back of the helmet

Crafted out a custom front of the helmet to match a phase 1 Clone Trooper, as well as fin to go on top.

Added the foam pipe insulation to make the air intake at the bottom of the helmet to match a phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet. The bonus was that it had sticky adhesive built in, and so I just had to wrap it around the base, and cut it where needed.

Filled in the cracks with silicone where needed, to smooth out the pieces where possible. Use some water on your finger to help smooth out the spread where necessary.

Step 2: Painting

Spray painted the whole helmet with white PlastiDip spray paint to seal the foam, then coated it with Rustoleum Glossy white.

Once dry, taped and painted the decorations using regular acrylic paint.

Cut out the visor to fit from the acetate, and applied a window tinting film to it. Just taped it to the helmet from the inside using duct tape

and voila! a custom clone trooper helmet. The kids love it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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