Introduction: Custom Color Your Grill

I have a nice red grill, which I keep on the porch of my white house with green shutters. But as much as I love red & green, I don't like having my porch look like Christmas year round. So, I decided to custom color my grill to coordinate with my house.

I chose to go with plain green because that's what I wanted to match my shutters. But if you are good with graffiti or have a stencil you want to use, more power to you!

Also, I guess I should point out that this only works for the exterior part of your grill - not the part that actually faces your food when the grill is closed.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:

  • a grill (obviously)
  • Rustoleum high heat spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper or Plastic - you could use a drop cloth, but I prefer to re-use plastic grocery bags to be more green
  • Surface cleaner - there are lots of different types you can use, but I like clorox bleach wipes because they work wonders on grease and you'll only need one or two
*Paper towels - to make sure everything is dry before you paint

Note: the rustoleum comes in both regular high heat spray, and "ultra" high heat spray, but only a few different colors:
  • black (regular or ultra)
  • white (regular)
  • green (regular)
  • silver (regular)
  • almond (regular)
  • brown (ultra)
  • aged copper (ultra)
  • brown (ultra)

Step 2: Clean

This should be done when the grill is cool and will stay cool for awhile. So do it on a day when you don't want to use it for cooking. Also, don't do it on a really windy day.

When the timings right, clean the area that you will be painting, so that it's free of pollen, dirt, grease, etc.

Step 3: Tape

Tape around the edges of the area you will be painting. Make sure to take your time so it lines up just right.

Step 4: Cover the Surrounding Areas

Tape your plastic around the edges so that you don't get residual spray paint on the rest of the grill. You could also use a couple of layers of newspaper for this step.

Note: I wanted to use plastic instead of newspaper because I thought it would work better than newspaper. I used plastic grocery bags to save money and be more green, but I don't think I would do that again because there is a tiny area where the paint went through the bag just a little bit. So if you want to re-use, double up and put two bags on top of one another.

Step 5: Spray

Shake the can well, and apply a thin layer of paint from 6-12 inches away.

Wait a few minutes between coats. I put 3-4 coats.

Optional: if you're doing a stenciled image, wait a full 2 hours before applying the stenciled layer, so that you don't mess up the base layer with the stencil

Step 6: Wait, Then Remove Tape

Wait 1 - 2 hours for the paint to fully dry, then remove the tape, and plastic.

Voila, you have a custom colored grill!

Don't cook with it tonight - wait for tomorrow to grill up more food ;)

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