Custom Computer Desk

Introduction: Custom Computer Desk

Hello, this is my first of hopefully many instructable uploads! This desk was inspired by the need to have more at my finger tips mixed with the impulse of building something!

(Picture 1) After moving out I realized I didn't have nearly half the tools I would need to build this desk, So I had to design the desk, dimensions and gadgets for when a trip back home was possible.

(Picture 2) Once home I could make use of my fathers garage and power tools to cut what I hoped was the correct sizes of boards for my desk! Though everything didn't fit perfect and there was some fudging and lots of sanding I think the final project didn't turn out to bad! Thanks for taking the time to read and look, Hope you like!

Ps- Not everything in the drawing was implemented Got a spare Desktop to work on for an update!

Step 1: What Did I Get Myself Into..

(Picture 1) Once home after 10 hours of driving, and finally getting everything unloaded, I have a pile of wood that I forgot to number and some drawings.

(Picture 2,3 &4) A few days later with some motivation I started on the back shelf part, First aligning all the boards and drilling pilot holes, followed by screws and later counter sinking them. Then started measuring, The wood being 3/4 inch made the cutting I attempted to do with a dremel cutting bit extremely hard (please pardon the unstraight & unsightly cuts) I had to remove the front and back sections to make room for the speakers to slide in. I found some aluminum diamond plate in my dads garage and cut 2 rounded corner squares to put on the other sides of the speaker, 4 Pop rivets later and there not going anywhere!

(Picture 5&6) The Iphone Dock idea came a little after I was done with the speakers and involved nothing more then cutting the front board flush with the bottom one, a piece of plexiglass and the small oval hole for the iPhone connector. After it was set up I googled around for a cool apple picture, Found this Death Apple printed it out, and cut out some parts I thought would look cool to glow through. Once cut to size I sandwiched it between another piece of plexi and took a 12 inch Blue Neon (4pin powered ) from monoprice and Mounted it to the bottom board right behind the Plexiglass.

Step 2: Cabinet Construction

(Picture 1) I started the cabinets just like I started the top part, Aligning the boards and making small adjustments then drilling pilot holes, screws and counter sinking them. I used the same 3/4 Inch boards for the base of the cabinets as I wanted good structural stability.

(Picture 2) When it came to the sides I figured I could get away with a little thinner board and used this wood for the texture(getting Fancy) These were also attached the same way and later filled with wood putty & sanded

(Picture 3) The Shelf on the Left cabinet is used for random storage and holds my modem and router. The Hinges which were Walmart Clearance finds, had to be inset into the wood about 1/4 inch and then trimmed flush down one side, (thank you hacksaw)

(Picture 4) Next was the fan/plexi hole that needed to be cut, Once measured and aligned I drilled 4 holes in all the corners to let me get that dremel in to make slits big enough to use a handsaw. Holes where then drilled at all 4 corners of the plexi to attach it to the Cabinet.

(Picture 5) Once I marked the mounting holes in the plexi i struggled with how I was going to get these 4 inch holes. I Cracked a few pieces with drill bits and set off a smoke detector with the Red Hot Coffee Can I tried to melt through the glass with, and finally settled on using a cut off wheel with the dremel and taking my time. The holes aren't perfect by a long shot but the friction heated the plexi up enough to allow me to make smooth turns.

(Picture 6) Finally, The holes are cut and its time to try to mount my hong Kong special Blue LED Fans! I used fan screws out of a few old PC's and a torch to heat the plexiglass. I wanted to allow the screw to Tap themselves into the warmed plexi. Once Attached I just had to see how they looked on, Test Fix- 2 Blue LED Fans Success.

Step 3: Paint, Stain and Some Clear

I didn't get as many photos through this process as I would have liked but, Once the paint set up and I had my gloves on for the clear coat it was hard to get pictures. All the Black parts got 2 coats of general High Gloss Paint and at least 2 layers of clear coat. I Started with a spray on clear coat but quickly realized the lack of thickness. I then switched to a rub on clear coat and WOW. Home depot had the best price near me, 10 bucks for a quart I think, Still have most of the can for the next big project!

(Picture 4) The Picture of the Top of the doesn't give it justice for now nice it looks after being 3000 Grit wet sanded after 24 hours of cure time. Most of the front parts got wet sanded, I was attempting to make them look somewhat presentable.

Step 4: Test Fit & in Place

(Picture 1) After everything was painted, cleared and sanded I started reassembling the desk. This Photo makes the desk look weird and lopsided but its actually pretty square. The front textured piece was attached from both sides, As were the supporting boards at the tops.

(Picture 2) Here you can see that the rear support was inset into both cabinets and attached from both outer sides. This sturdied everything up tremendously! You can also see I added a wire hider thing? along the back to conceal the power cords running from cabinet to cabinet.

(Picture 3) Shows a Full test fit with everything almost done, (just before painting)

(Picture 4) Now everything is in place and all the parts are starting to be reattached and some general wiring is being done. The Top has been fitted and The PC now occupies the right Cabinet!

Step 5: Final Touches and Done Desk!

(Picture 1) Shows the Center monitor Flat wall mounted (thanks Monoprice), the Bose speakers inset, The Death Apple IPhone Dock Light up and the Pc Cabinet Temperature Gauge.

(Picture 2) Here is a close up of the Phone dock and the Temperature Gauge (Screw holes still unfill, sanded or painted)

(Picture 3) This is an awesome view of the PC Cabinet Cooling Fans on and Glowing!

(Picture 4) With the screens On there is a real glare that doesn't give the picture justice, but here is a 95% completed picture with the side monitors mounted on swivel mounts (Monoprice)

(Picture 5) Here is one picture with the monitors off, its a little blurry but I hope you get the idea.

All and All, I have about $150 In Wood, Paint, Plexi, Clear coat and Monoprice order. This Project off and on took me a little under a month to complete but, I am sure there are better craftsmen out there that could complete something similar in a matter of days.

Thanks Again for taking the time to read & reply, Once again first Instructable please don't tear me apart to bad.

All The best!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Whats the wood you used? Im planning on building my own desk and im trying to find something thats light that i could move arpund my self but still strong enough to put stuff on.


    7 years ago

    I've seen computer setups like this before, but I never understood what all of the monitors were for. Why not just use one?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you have 3 screens it could allow you to get threw things that much quicker. Example, if you're a programmer you could have your developing environment in front of you, reference material to the left, and your debug or emulator or live script on the right. It also allows you to multi-task without sacrificing real estate on the monitor. If you have one monitor you will notice after 1 hour of surfing you wind up with 100 open tabs and off subject.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm just looking around and the desk looks nice but I don't think it will fit in my small room but I just thought I'd point out I have those same Bose and they work very well. :P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. The iphone dock is awesome. Good Job!

    That's really cool! I like how you have extra fans for the computer tower and a temperature gauge!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    THANKS! So Glad to get a positive first comment, The temperature Gauge Shows the internal Cabinet Temp, Its cool to watch go up and down with the fans On and Off.