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Introduction: Custom Cushion Cover No Sew!

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I happened to come across some great materials for making some custom cushion covers, and by come across I mean my Mum was throwing them out. So if like me you like to make things but have little time or happen to be lazy follow this instructable on how to make a no sew custom cushion cover; or what I like to call 'Why I love wonder web'

So materials, if you do happen to have a fancy sewing machine or just like to sew swap out the webbing steps with some proper sewing techniques.

1; PJs! Lounge pants have gotten popular in the Uk in the last year or so, they are just pyjama bottoms that are acceptable to slob around in. Also available in many amusing styles. (I have a pair with animal from the muppets on )

2; Sewing kit, I know I said no sew, but you'll need the pins

3; Wonder Web! I don't know what the equivilant is in the States but its normally used to help adjust clothes without leaving stitch marks.

3; Filler, now I cheated a little here, I already had some small cushions in need of covers. You could do the same or make bigger or smaller ones with the proper filler.

4; Iron and ironing board, essential for the webbing process.

Step 1: Step One

So first things first get your pant bottoms and turn them inside out. Using the leg of the pants gives you two already sturdy seams so don't go cutting them!

At the bottom use two strips of webbing next to each other between the material, this will give you a good seal of about 2-3 cms. Using your iron carefully iron over the material sealing the material at the bottom. Make sure you have given this seam a good even heat so that the webbing can make a good bond. Give it a minute or two to cool.

Next step is to mark out the rest of your cover. Turn your pants right side out and get your cushion, by putting the cushion in you can see where you need to trim your material. If you are making a custom one measure out the rest of your cover size. For this design once you have marked where your cushion stops make another mark 8-10 cms further from that mark and trim.

Step 2: Step Two

Now you should have what looks like a wind sock.

In this step we are going to seal off the other end and finish the cover, its just that easy.

Where you left a mark showing you where you want your cover to stop measure up 2cm. Then take your scissors and from one seam cut along it to the mark. Cutting straight across trim this side of the cover to the other seam and stop. You'll be left with two flaps, one 2cm long and the other 8-10cms.

Make sure your cover is inside out and lay it flat with the smaller flap on top. Here you could iron the flap back to give you a good straight line to see, I got to cheat a little due to the check pattern. Lay a length of webbing under the flap and iron the seam like before. This will be a finished edge so take your time.

Flip the cover over and lay back your larger flap and iron it to make a good line that matches up with the other edge. Now take two strips of webbing about 8-10cm. Place each of these at the edge of your flap to make a hood, iron the webbing flat. Again take your time as you want the bonds to be strong.

Step 3: Step Three

Straight forward this one, turn your cover inside out and put in your cushion! I managed to make two from one pair. Have a go and post your results in the comments! Cheers.

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