Custom Designed Seven Segment Using LED

Introduction: Custom Designed Seven Segment Using LED

Led is very basic component in the design and some time led do lot more work than just indication.
In this article we will see how to build custom designed seven segment display using led.
There are lot of variety of seven segment in the market but i choose to build my own because of i had time and many leds laying around me.

I have used Kicad tool for schematic and PCB designing.

Step 1: Required Components

For this project we will need following components

1. LED (15 per segment x 4 Segements) = Total 60 LED's.

2. Resistor 220 ohm = 7 Nos

3. Designed PCB

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Working Principle in Pictorial Form

As you can see in the schematic we are using two led and one resistor for them which will limit the current.
and to turn on the two led we have to make the pin HIGH which will make the one segment ON.
Like wise as you can see in the first diagram i am making all the pins high and second diagram making all the pins as LOW.

To display number '1' : make the pins as HIGH which are connected to segments B and C.

To display number '2' : make the pins as HIGHwhich are connected to segments B, D, E, G.

Step 4: Explained Tutorial

Step 5: Code and Gerber Files

Find the code and Gerber files on github:

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    Question 21 days ago

    Why don’t u use Neopixel (ws2812b) instead of ordinary LEDs? With Neopixels you need only 3 wire. And why you have no colon between the center bits? If you want to display time, a colon should be necessary, don’t you think?

    Knowledge IDE
    Knowledge IDE

    1 year ago

    Thanks buddy... That's what I'm looking for...


    Reply 1 year ago

    Welcome. :)
    Keep following for more articles.