Introduction: Custom Desktop Computer Lighting

Have you ever wanted to light up your desktop before? Well it's extremely simple , fast, and cheap. All you will need is your computer (I would suggest one with a clear side) and a few feet of LED light strip. The lighting gives your computer a nice glow and looks really cool so you can show it off to your friends.

You will need:


Volt meter

LED Strip

Computer with removable case panels

Here is the cheapest LED strip I found on amazon:
Blue: 16.4 FT Blue LED Light Strip $7.99 (Prime Eligible)

Green: 16.4 FT Green LED Light Strip $7.99 (Prime Eligible)

Red: 16.4 FT Red LED Light Strip $7.99 (Prime Eligible)

White: 16.4 FT White LED Light Strip $7.99 (Prime Eligible)

Multi-Color: 16.4 FT RGB LED Light Strip $14.60 (Prime Eligible)

Step 1: LED Lights

First , your going to have to turn off and open up your computer. Find a molex connector (shown above) to plug you lights into. You can check the red and black wires of the molex with a volt meter to see if you have a 12V connection. To do this use a volt meter and match the red and black to the red and black of the molex connection. If you have a fan controller in your desktop (like I do) you can connect to. I would suggest connecting to a fan controller if you have one so you can turn the LED brightness up and down.

Once you have your molex connector picked out, you will need to find out which wire is which on you light strip (May be labeled on strip). To do this I touched the wires to a 9V battery (shown above) and when the lights light up your wires look at the + and - on the battery; the + is your positive wire and the - is your negative. Make sure to remember which wire is positive and which is negative.

Step 2: Plugging in You LEDs

After you know your positive and negatives bend over the end of the LED wire. Once you have bent over the end push your wire into the molex connector with the red wire of the molex going to your positive wire, and the black wire going to your negative. Turn on your computer to test it, and make sure not to touch anything inside your computer until it is turned off. If the light do not light up try switching the wires.

Step 3: Placing Your LEDs

Begin placing your LEDs by turning off your computer and place your LED light strip where you would like there to be light. Most light strips have an adhesive backing so you can stick it around the inside of your case if you want to. Once you are satisfied with your placement, cut the strip and turn on your computer. Then, marvel in the glow of your cool new computer's look.

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