Introduction: Custom Dyed Skate Wheels

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I have always loved skateboarding since I was kid. I grew up with all boys on my block so skating was a popular pass time. This summer I decided I wanted to make a couple skateboards, so I got some cool grip tape that I felt needed some special looking wheels. I wanted a yellow/pink combo but ended up with an orange/pink combo. This still looks cool and I'm just glad that the project was a success.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

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1. Wheels-

2. Pink Dye-

3. Yellow Dye- (I used golden yellow which was too dark)

4. Hot Plate-

5. Pot-

6. Pot Holders-

7. Trucks-

8. Board-

9. Bearings-

10. Skate tool-

Step 2: Dying the Wheels

I used powdered rit dye to color these wheels. I think it works better than the liquid since you can determine how much dilution you want of the color. First, you want to boil some water. I used a cheap pot and a hot plate in case the pot got stained. I did this outside so that I wouldn't make a mess in my kitchen. This worked out well and the heat of the summer helped keep the water hot. I dumped the whole packet of dye in and mixed it thoroughly. Make sure you have pot holders since this is a two pot process and you don't want to burn your hands.

I left the wheels in the yellow dye for 4 hours which was way too long since they ended up orange. 30mins-1hour is all they need if using the golden yellow dye.

Step 3: Pink Dye

This process is the same as the yellow dye but I would maybe add less water or get some red dye to mix in with the pink. I ended up leaving the the wheels in the dye for 12 hours and they are pink but its very light. They look like pink lemonade which is still pretty cool.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Custom Wheels!

Overall, this experiment turned out pretty cool. i would have liked the yellow wheels to actually be yellow and lighter but these will still work how I want them to. I have riden on these and the strength of the wheels werent harmed during this process. They are still as hard as when I bought them. I am making a custom long board this summer and got a some cool grip tape. So I wanted these custom wheels to match it. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you make some. If you want to see what Im working on then follow my instagram.