Introduction: Custom FG Falcon Mk1 Upper Grill Mod

A simple step by step guide for FG Falcon owners of how to make your own custom upper grill that replicates the FG-X Falcon grill with the offset XR badge using aftermarket honeycomb mesh & a genuine ford XR badge!

Step 1: Obtain the Required Parts

Items you will need:
• Beer.
• An FG Falcon.
• Honeycomb Mesh, you can buy it from eBay here >>>
• FG-X badge of your choice. Purchased on eBay or your local Ford Australia Dealership.
• Phillips head screwdriver.
• Side cutters or Stanley knife.
•Paint Pen (something to make an outline of your factory grill).

Step 2: Take Out Plastic Screws

Remove all plastic screws locating the Intake Snorkel, radiator cover & grill & put them somewhere safe.

Step 3: Remove Intake Snorkel

(If you have a modified intake, turbo side etc. please disregard this step). The Air intake snorkel should be easily removed from the car, it will pass up between the radiator and top radiator hose.

Step 4: Remove Radiator Cover & Grill

The radiator cover and grill can be removed together in one piece. Lift the cover up towards you being careful not to over stress the clips on the grill. Put your hand down to the 3 locating clips at the bottom of the grill where you can use your finger to release the tabs. The whole grill/cover assembly should now lift free of the bumper.

Step 5: Separate the Grill and Radiator Cover

There are 5 more clips holding the grill to the cover. They work the same way and can be easily released with your finger. Congratulations! Your grill should now be free of the cover.

Step 6: Making Your Flash New Grill

Get your panel of mesh and mark a rectangle around your factory grill. Make sure you do not use more than half the mesh as there will be enough to make a second grill if you don't get it quite right the first time. Use your side cutters to snip the required joins to make your rough rectangular piece.

Step 7: Refine the Shape to Suit the Opening

I'm going to cheat here and give you the exact template to follow, each blue dot designates the location for each cut you need to make. If you have bought the correct mesh, this will fit your car. Cut your grill out.

Step 8: Cut Out for Bonnet Release

Here you need to cut a small section of the top row of diamonds from your grill to allow for the bonnet release lever. Note the number of diamonds from the right side of your grill to where the first cut is required.

Step 9: Fix Your Badge to the Grill

Remove the XR badge from its packaging. It will come with its own double sided tape, this will hold strong enough on its own, but a few spots of Sikaflex can be used as a double measure to ensure it stays in place. Note where I have placed the badge and how it lines up with the horizontal bars on the mesh.
Your grill is now complete! Time to fit it to your FG.

Step 10: Insert Your New Grill Into the Opening on the Bumper

The grill is shaped in such a way that you do not need to fix it to the bumper with any screws or glue. It pops into place nicely and does not move whilst driving. Note, the top of the grill meets flush with the top of the opening on the bumper. The grill sits behind the opening and bends to form the curve of the grill. See images for clarification.

Step 11: Fit the Radiator Cover

The radiator cover uses all of the same holes as before, but now the clips do not fasten to the grill. Instead you push them behind the grill where they help to shape curvature of the grill and hold it down. Notice that the space for the bonnet release lever fits in the cutout you made earlier. Put in all of the plastic screws and replace the intake snorkel.

Step 12: Sit Back & Admire Your Work With a Delightfully Cold Beer

Congratulations you have successfully added 35rwkw to your FG!!! Let the good times roll!!!!