Introduction: Custom Fit Media Hat

Stay warm and listen to your tunes in a custom fit hat that holds your earphones, cord, and mp3/media device.

Your device (shuffle, ipod, mp3 player, itouch) can be easily be inserted and removed from hat. The cord runs through the stocking cap and the earphones neatly fit through slits in inner hat band. This hat is made with 3 pieces of fleece (1 hat band and 2 identical long wedge pieces).

Project time: 1 evening.

Step 1: Supplies List

Supplies needed:

  • 1/4 yd clear table cloth plastic from fabric store
  • Polar Fleece (If your head measures 24"; or less buy 1 yard. Buy 1 1/4 yards if you think you might need more.)
  • (optional) 1/2 yd light wt. fusible interfacing to stabilize polar fleece. This is to press on where you are going to sew. It is good to have it if you can't adjust your presser foot tension.
  • The interfacing keeps the fleece from stretching.
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric chalk, fabric pencil or lead pencil
  • Seam ripper
  • Tape measure
  • Yard stick
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Sharp pointed scissors
  • Square or something with a 90 degree corner (hardbound book)
  • Measuring board if you have it (a real plus)
  • 1 button

Step 2: Measurements

1. Measure your head circumference (as shown below). Write down measurement.

2. Measure ear to ear behind neck following the same angle as the head measurement. Write it down (see second picture below).

3. Calculating your measurements: head measurement ____ + 1/2";(1.2 cm) = _______ (ie. 24+1/2 24 1/2") 

This is your measurement A divided head measurement in half ______ + 1"(2.5 cm)= _________" (ie. 12+1=13")

This is your measurement B

Divide your measurement B ______ by 4 ______ and + 1" (2.5 cm)= ________

This is your measurement C Ear to ear measurement _____" divided in half ______ + 1/2" (1.2 cm)= ___________ (10 divided in half= 5 +1/2 + 5 1/2)

Step 3: Layout, Mark and Cut Fabric

1. Lay your fabric out flat. Start at one of the cut ends. You want to start with a 90 degree corner and a straight cut. Use a square, yard stick and pencil to mark new edge. (See pix below) Cut new clean edge.

2. Remove the selvage edges. From your new clean cut edge, measure up 9" and over measurement A. You should have a rectangle measuring 9 by your measurement A _____. Cut.  Finish cutting all the way across (see below) so you have another straight edge to work with.

3.From your newly cut fabric edge, fold your fabric over itself by the amount of your measurement B ______.The fabric should lay selvage end to selvage end. You will be cutting the full length of the fabrlc.

Slide your scissors into the fold and cut the full length of the fold. Next, following the top piece as a template, cut the bottom piece so it is identical to the top.

Step 4: Cutting Continued

4. Layout one of the long pieces you cut last. Fold it in half width-wise so it is a skinnier rectangle. On the fold edge on one end mark up 1 inch.

5. Find the middle of the rectangle on the folded edge. Measure up from fold your measurement C _____ and mark with a pencil.

Using yard stick, line up the angle end to end. It should be a straight line. Mark it and cut.

Open cut piece and lay over former identical piece. Cut out second piece using the top layer as a template.

You should now have 2 identical pieces.

Step 5: Position Mp3 Window

7. Lay 1 long wedge strip out flat and place hatband at the end where it should go. Place mp3 with earphones on the fabric like the photo.

8. Move player under fabric in the same location. Feeling the mp3 draw a window on the fabric. Remove the player and earphones. Cut out the window.

9. Place a strip of plastic under fleece at least 1 1/2" longer than mp3 player and extending out the sides. Pin around window on that 1 layer of fleece. Sew all 4 sides 1/4" - 1/2" from plastic (see picture).

Turn over and trim plastic leaving 1/2 inch around. (see picture).

Step 6: Add Button

Place the wedge (without the window) right side down.

Place the wedge with the window right side up on top of the other.

Place device on top of window.

Mark the placement of a button just an 1" or so beyond the device in the direction of the hatband. See pix.

Use a pin to mark button.

Remove device and button.

Mark under layer and upper layer with pins.

Sew the button on the WRONG side of the fabric.

Start and tie off thread on the wrong side of fabric.

Once the button is sewn on, re-sandwich the layers and with pointed scissors or seam ripper carefully conservatively (you can always make it bigger) cut hole length wise.

Step 7: Sewing

Turn wedge pieces right side together.

Adjust your sewing machine so there is almost no presser-foot pressure on the fleece. If you cannot do this, you may want to iron-on a long 1" cut strip of fusible interfacing to wrong sides of the fabric where you are going to sew. Sew on a test piece first (2 layers of fleece). The interfacing will help keep the fabric from stretching. Pinning will also help. It will help keep the layers from shifting.

Sew long sides together both starting from tail end to the head opening.(If it ripples or warps, don't fret, cut the seam off. Stabilize it better and sew the seam again just very close to the edge.)

Sew the short end closed.

Turn to right side.

Place device in the cone so you can see it under the window.   Pin around it on all sides but the button side. 

Take player out.

Lay cone flat seam edges out. Sew straight across the bottom pin line edge to edge through both layers. Then sew up from that line first the one side and then the other. This will form a 3 sided-pocket for device. It should be open where the button is.

Step 8: Form Hat Band

Layout hatband with long edge near you.

Measure in from the left edge closest to you(corner), your measurement D.

Then measure up 3 1/2".  Mark. Repeat from right side.

Cut 1 small starting at that mark and going in toward the other mark.

Then cut another slit 1 cm over it parallel to the other.

The slits should be just long enough to put earbud through.

So now you should have a long rectangle with 2 sets of parallel slits.

Fold hat band in half lengthwise (right side together) and sew the short ends together.

Finger press open seams. Fold your hatband in half so inside seam lays against itself. Match raw edges (see picture)

Fold cone seams together to find center back. (window side is the back) and place pin to mark.

Pin to center seam of hatband (right side facing the right side of cone) to cone at the pin. The cone should be on the inside and the hatband should be around the outside. You should be able to see the earphone slits on the outside.

Use a pin to attach the hatband at the front ant then the sides. Sew the hat band onto the hat.

Tie a loose knot in the end.

Your done!

To use the hat: connect your earphones to the device, slide device into pocket inside hat and button. put earphones through slits so they are facing out of the hat. Put on hat.
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