Introduction: Custom-Fit Padded Gift Box

My boyfriend and I bond over food in a big way. We're currently long distance, and he is obsessed with the sweets of my native Britain, and so I decided to give him the gift of diabetes this Valentines.

But there was just something about the neon green Lucozade bottle that didn't scream romance and sophistication, so I decided to class it up with a satin lined padded box, like you would present jewellery in.

This Instructable could be used for any gift you have bought or made your other half. It's a great way to make your gift 'pop'.

Step 1: The Materials!

  • A gift box

  • Upholstery foam - enough to line the base of your box

  • Sheet cotton wool - to lightly pad the lid of your box

  • Satin - Enough to line your box 3 times

  • Pen, ruler, superglue

  • Optional: thread to hold your gift in place if you're mailing it.

Step 2: Cutting the Foam

Trace around your box with a pen, then grab your scalpel and cut it out.

Place your gift(s) in the way you'd like them to be arranged, then trace around them. Using the scalpel, cut along the lines through half the thickness of your foam.

When you bend the foam, the cutouts will stand out, making them easier to cut. Neatness is not a priority at this stage, so cut them out however works best for you. The scalpel is a wee bit stabby for this stage, I'd stick to scissors.

Step 3: Lining Your Foam Base

Before you glue the satin round the back of the foam, place your gift firmly in its little hollow. This prevents you from gluing the fabric too taut.

As you can see, its no oil painting round the back, but who cares? It's hidden at the bottom of your gift box!

Optional: If you are shipping your gift, you may want to anchor it down with thread. I threaded a needle and ran it through the entire thickness of foam, making 2 loops across each chocolate bar (3rd picture). I then taped the thread down at the back.

Unfortunately I only had black thread to hand, if I did this again I would match the colour of my thread to each present.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Cut out a sheet of cotton wool with the same dimensions as the lid, then wrap it in satin. Glue it at the back the same way as you did for the base. Now attach it to your lid. If you have a hot glue gun then I reckon this would be the best tool to use as unlike foam, neither the cotton or satin would melt.

Now cut a large sheet of satin and line the bottom of your empty box with it. The satin should flow over the edges of the gift box. Slide the satin lined base over the top and voila! Your custom padded gift box is complete.

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