Introduction: Custom Gameboy DMG

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Heya! Almost one year later I make a return to instructables to post my refurbished and custom Gameboy DMG.

I realised after first putting down 4+ hours on it that it might be a good idea to try snap some photos, hence no real "before" picture.

This is a broken Gameboy DMG that I put some love to but is only a "case-mod". I haven't put on the final screen, but I will update the post later when the order have arrived. And as soon as I find a working gameboy, I'll put in the functional motherboard and snap a pic when it's up and running.

Enjoy your reading!

Step 1: Some Sandpaperin'

The absolutely first step is to deassemble and remove the casing so that we have our canvas ready!

As you see on the picture I've been sanding the backside of this DMG. I wanted to remove the "stripes" in the plastic on the backside and got some nasty cuts to the casing along the road. I put down alot of time sanding these cuts to make sure it would be like heaven to hold it.

Step 2: Paaaaperinn'

Oh god the drag of constantly sanding, BUT the results are getting there! I used a sandpaper with the value of C470 to make small differences but not too much.

Step 3: Smooth Like an Angelbutt

Aaaaaaah, this took me almost 9-10 hours to finish. But it is... GLORIOUSLY smooth! Ah! Time to paint!

Step 4: Paintin' and Makin'

So I bought basicly easiest spraypaint cans with grey primer, black basic layer and for later I'll use some polish.

I also happened to have some Posca pens at home ( which I started doodeling with. I wanted to make a pokemon tribute with this customization because that is one this that always makes my nostalgic.

Step 5: Doodlin' a Squirtle Tribute

As a pokemon fan I wanted to make something that was subtle but also nice to look at. And as my favourite pokemon (gen 1) is Squirtle I made some bubbles on the front and pokeball + slogan on the back. After this I made sure the paint stayed dry -> which makes next step the last one and that is POLISHING!

Step 6: Comparin'

I put an ordinary gameboy dmg next to my modded one so you can see the difference in the hours I put into this sanding it. End result is not amazing but I'm content, mostly I wanted to mod and tinker with it - but my limitations in drawing and doodling is making me insecure in drawing to advanced stuff so I'm keeping it "safe-zone". BUT, this is only the mere beginning, I'll make more and you'll see progress!