Introduction: Custom Golf Club Head Cover

Why spend $30 or more for a Golf Club Head Cover just to have the same one everyone has? I made this custom head cover for about $7, and it only took about 10 minutes to make. I can guarantee that no other golfer has one just like it.

Step 1: Needed Supplies

Not having a sewing machine at my disposal, I had to do things the old fashioned way.

You will need:

Favorite Stuffed Animal (big enough for the club you want to cover)
Sock (preferably new)
Needle and Thread (or sewing machine)

Step 2: Prepare the Subject

Figure out the best location for the opening for the club head. On my patient I felt it best to make entry into the belly. Make an incision just a little bigger than the golf club head you plan to use it on. Remove the stuffing in order to make the animal small. You will be folding the sock down over the animal and it must be small enough to fit.

Step 3: The Hard Part

This step can be a little confusing. You have to make sure that you fold the sock correctly to ensure that when you are done the outside of the sock is on the outside. I describe two methods so you'll better understand how it should be.

When you're done, the foot of the sock will be inside the belly of the animal and the calf hanging out.
You will be sewing the stuffed animal opening to the sock about half way up the sock, just above the ankle.

First cut the toe end off the sock and discard it.

Turn the sock inside out. Then fold the the foot end of the sock over the calf.
Then stuff the animal inside.

I find it helpful to put the foot of the sock into the stuffed animal. Foot pointing the length of the body. Then fold the sock calf down over the entire animal. Then pull the foot out and fold it down around the animal.

Step 4: Sew Sew Sew

Make sure the sock is in the position you want, animal stuffed inside so the opening in the belly meets up with the sock just above the ankle. Sew the two together, making sure you sew around the entire opening paying special attention to areas of the animal that were already sewn or may fray. This can be done with a sewing machine if you have one, but I simply sewed over and around with a needle and thread. I made two complete loops around the opening to make it extra strong.

Step 5: Replace the Guts, Finish the Job

Unfold the sock from around the animal. Stuff the filling back into the animal. Make sure you refill the head or toes or tail of the animal if applicable. Do not put all of the stuffing back in. You want to leave enough room for the club head. After replacing the stuffing, sew the toe end of the sock shut so the stuffing will not come back out. Stuff the foot of the sock inside your new Club Head Cover and you are done.

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