Custom Handforged Hunting Knife

Introduction: Custom Handforged Hunting Knife

About: I enjoy the outdoors. Camping, fishing, canoeing, all of it. I love working with my hands. I take on any project. I love to work on cars. I have been making knives since 2011. My skills slowly increase. Knife …

I made this knife from a section of scrap steel from a truck leaf spring. I started out with cutting out the size I wanted from the piece. Then, using basic blacksmithing techniques, I hammered out the general shape of the knife. I used a propane forge, not coal, as it is easier to maintain.

After I got the basic shape of the knife, I moved onto stock removal as I normally do. I used a large belt grinder(2x72) to do most of this work. First was grinding it flat, followed by profiling. I then drilled the holes in the blade for the pins.

Next was grinding the bevels. I clamped on a small set of steel bars on the piece, to make sure I didn't cut too far. Grinding the bevels is a tedious process, that just requires lots of practice.

After the grinder, I finished the bevels with a file. I simply clamped the piece in a vice, and started filing.

Heat treat followed. I heated the whole thing to a solid orange, focusing on the edges and tip. I did a simple quench in oil, and no tempering.

I finished the blade on a bench grinder with a set of wire wheels. It's a very easy finish, with fairly satisfactory results.

The handle scales are micarta. I cut them to size, drilled the holes in them to match the steel, and cut the 1/4 inch brass pins to size. I glued the whole system together with two part epoxy. After drying, I used a angle grinder with a grinding disc to take away the highly excess material. When it got down to the final shape, I moved to using the small 1x30 belt sander. I finished it up by hand, increasing the grit number of the paper. I sharpened the knife, and it was ready for a sheath.

I made the sheath out of pvc piping. I just made a few cuts to get the sheath shape, and hot formed it, after using a heat gun on it. I pressed it between a 2x4 and the granite countertop. I spray painted it black, and it was done.

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    camping crazy

    Really nice work!! I have never tried to forge a knife but have made them with the stock removal process...But forge them looks a lot funner!! Doubt my little forge could do it:(


    Reply 8 years ago

    If you want to get started in blacksmithing, just research local associations. They cost you almost nothing, the people are just looking for fresh blood to get into the craft. They are just guys looking to spread their knowledge. I'm from northern Illinois, and I am part of UMBA (upper midwest blacksmith association) and I know of one other group locally. Much better then YouTube.

    camping crazy
    camping crazy

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately there are no associations or even blacksmiths closer than 2 hours away(I live in the middle of nowhere)...But I took matters into my own hands built a small forge and forged my first knife and it actually turned out alright. But I am still a lot better at the stock removal method no matter how fun a forge is!!