Introduction: Custom Hat Bands

How to create your own custom hat band using hemp,buttons, and other findings.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1.) a hat
2.) larger size hemp (approx 6')
3.) smaller size hemp (approx 16')
4.) button(s) and whatever findings you want to use in the project.

Step 2: Setup and Beginning Knots.

First step is to measure your pieces of hemp. The larger hemp can be wrapped around the section of the hat where the hat band will go. Leave about six inches of tail on both sides, this will give you a little wiggle room when you finish the band. Once you have the length of the larger hemp cut two more pieces of the larger hemp to the same length.
Next cut two pieces of the smaller hemp at 8 ft each. These two pieces will be used for all your knotting. 8 ft may seem a little long but you'll be may be surprised how fast it goes once you start knotting.
Taking one piece of the larger hemp find the center and with a little twist you should be able to separate the hemp enough to get the shank of your button through. Take both ends of the smaller hemp through the eye of the shank. Pull each end evenly through so you have equal amount to knot with.
Now lay the extra two large pieces of hemp you cut in line and on each side of the piece with the button. You can now flip over your band and begin knotting.
the first knot made was a square knot (the basic first knot most use when tying shoes). Tie the knot under the button as far as you can. Once that is done you can start your cobra stitch. Make sure to keep your knots tight and the larger hemp together and in line to get the best results. Make sure to every once in a while place the band on the hat to make sure your stitching doesn't overlap.

Step 3: Finishing the Band

Once you have the desired length of stitching you can tie a couple of square knots back to back on the underside of the band. I took the two outer larger hemp runners and tied square knots flush with the end of the knot run then cut off the tails leaving only the center larger twine.
Place your band on the hat to get an idea of where you will need to place your final ties. A piece of a smaller size hemp perhaps a scrap piece around 10 inches or so can be used. First knot is a square knot followed by about 5 or 6 cobra stitches and tied with a couple of square knots on the underside to finish. This will allow the hat band to be adjustable and tightened to the desired position. The finishing knots as well as the band can be fabric glued for better holds and position however in making the Instructable I opted for a less permanent solution.

Step 4: Knot Sample Used

I added a basic cobra stitch (or my variation) to show the knots. Imagine the two different color rope as one single rope and the dowel rod as the larger rope or runner. There are a lot of Instructables and Youtube demonstrations on the cobra stitch if this one doesn't make sense to you.

Step 5: Variation of Hat Band (Old War Button With Wood Beads)

This variation used a real old war button and wooden beads. The beads were slid onto the three strands prior to knotting. To keep everything evened out make sure to count the knots in between beads. Once you get to the bead just snug the bead to the knotwork and go over the sides of the bead and pick up knotting where you left off.

Step 6: Variation (Finders Keepers)

This version used stuff in my junk drawer but would be a cool idea for the metal detectors for a good luck hat using their findings. The holes in the plate and key were a bit too small for larger hemp so playing around with a couple of ideas I was able to get the smaller twine to pick it up. The main thing is to get back to your stitch as soon as possible to keep things looking uniform. Hope you enjoyed this Instructable and have fun!!!

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