Introduction: Customise Sansa Headphones.

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Hello, my name is Shaunquishiaa and this is going to be my first Instructable! (Please leave comments, tell me how i dun did)
In this instructable i will probably teach you how to customize your Sansa headphones.

Step 1: Supplies

These are the supplies you will need (you don't actually need, you can use whatever type of paint, sandpaper, and marker you like):
-Krylon acrylic crystal clear.       
-.2mm Micron Pen                       
-.45mm Micron Pen.                        
-Black sharpie extra fine point.    
-orange sharpie fine point. 
-Tweezers. (optional, to hold small piece while coloring with pens/marker)
-Small flat head screwdriver.
-Sansa Headphones/ear buds
-3M 9X11X-Fine wet/dry sandpaper (I went for the more rough look so i used less fine sandpaper)
-Pepsi next (stuffs tastes good)

Step 2: Disassembling-The-Headphones

Sorry i forgot to take the picture before paint.
First, Take off the back part of the headphones. There are two ways to do this, You can pry it off with your screwdriver from the outside or you can pull of the speaker part and push it off from the inside.

Step 3: Sanding-&-painting/coloring

-Begin sanding the part that says Sansa.
-Next you can begin to put your first coat of paint/marker on.
-When dry you can put a second coat on. (_Repeat as many times as you want_)
-I used all the fine tip marker/pens to add all the old rustic detail. (_You can use tweezers to hold it while putting detail on_)
-spray with clear.
-wait till dry then reapply painted part to headphones/ear buds.
-you're done! 

Step 4: Finished-Product

Finished Product!
Hope you liked it please reply. Tell me what you thought! 
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Step 5: