Introduction: Custom Heels

About: I love the idea of creating, and making something 'myself'. Everyday I'm inspired in new and unexpected ways.

Tools: - shoes (I chose leather heels) - acetone (if leather is used) - cotton balls - acrylic paint (angelus leather paint works well) - paint brushes - patience

Step 1: Rough Sketch

Choose a shoe that has some of the features you desire (overall silhouette, surface area, workable materials etc). Depending on your overall customizing desires, your shoe choice may vary. I chose these because they are leather, and have a large surface for painting. Once the shoe is chosen, making a sketch will help in the preparation process. Rough sketches will allow for brain storming and conceptualizing your design. Don't get discouraged, just keep drawing until you are satisfied with the design.

Step 2: Selecting Your 'Canvas'

Depending on the shoe material, your preparation will vary. For these leather heels, first prep was done with deglazing the leather, but using acetone to strip the glaze/waxy coat. This can be done by simply scrubbing the shoes with cotton balls soaked with acetone. In most cases 'nail polish remover' will suffice, as it is diluted acetone.

Step 3: Applying Paint

Once the design is set, you are ready to paint. Try and plan out your painting process. Remember, in many cases it is easier to paint dark colors, or more opaque colors, over lighter ones. With these I chose to paint the gold over the shoe first. Then the black accents were painted over that. This is where your patience is needed. Make sure to give sufficient time between drying coats. Persevere, and remember that you can adjust and alter the shoe as you see fit. Use your sketch as reference.

Step 4: Completion

Once you are done it will feel rewarding to see you art has reached fruition. This is something you thought of and nursed to completion. Be proud and break necks with this wearable art piece.

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