Introduction: Custom High Speed DAQ System With FPGA

This tutorial describes a very efficient method of building a high speed data acquisition board. This project represents a very cheap solution of building a digital oscilloscope as well as a way of measuring some medical signals. The implementation is still in the development phase, so there are some features which has to be integrated.

The necessary hardware for realizing the module in its current state:

1) Nexys 4 DDR board

2)ADC AD9215-105 MSPS

3)Transistors, LEDs, passive components and connectors

4)A signal generator is mandatory for the testing procedure, and with a professional oscilloscope it is even better(for debugging)

For the moment, it was implemented just the acquisition part, without any other features. As soon as other updates will occur, this page will be updated.

Step 1: Download the PCB Files, and Build the Plugin Board

The circuit was implemented on a two layer board, and it was printed using a CNC. The MarkI.rar attachment includes all the necessary documents for building the PCB, which was designed using Altium. The main component of the board is the AD9215 high speed 10bit ADC. Its parallel interface connected to the FPGA enables the system to acquire data very fast. The two bars of pin headers are optional, they were considered just for debugging.

Step 2: Download the FPGA Project, and Upload It to Your Nexys 4 DDR Board

Step 3: Download the GUI and Run It

Step 4: The Algorithm