Introduction: Custom Hotwheel Combat Medic

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I would like to thank my friend Steve who was kind enough to team up with me on this collaboration!

Steve is a HotWheel collector and he also likes to modify cars for fun. He started with two HotWheel Combat Medic vans that he cut and stuck together so that I can paint the van.

You can follow his work here

Materials Used:

2 Hotwheel Combat Medic Vans

JB Weld

Hack saw

Drill and small bit

Screw Tap

Sand Paper

Spray Paint Primer

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Testers Gold Paint

Clear Coat Spray Paint

Masking Tape

Step 1: Construction

Step 1. First you need to drill out the rivets that hold the van together.

Step 2.Tap the post using a drill screw tap.

Step 3.Strip both Combat Medic Vans of their original paint.

Step 4.Cut each van on the edge that you wish to join.

Step 5.Weld each van using JB Weld.

Step 2: Primer Paint Job

At this point Steve gave me the van and I primed it using matte spray paint.

I left it to cure over night and began my paint job the next day.

Step 3: Layer of Paint

I used cheap acrylic paint that I picked up at Walmart.

This paint is very thin and requires a lot of layers.

If I was to do this project again I would use spray paint or Testers paint.

After several coats applied I moved on to painting the roof.

For this I used a Sharpie to simulate the cookie impression.

Lastly I painted the grill and back bumper with Testers gold paint.

I used tape where needed to keep the lines straight.

Step 4: Shinny!

For the last step I used a clear coat spray paint and allowed it to cure overnight. And that is it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all take up the challenge of creating your own custom HotWheel car!

If you want to see the process, I filmed it on my weekly livestream on Youtube.