Custom Hunting - Logging Knife

Introduction: Custom Hunting - Logging Knife

I always wanted a really big knife able to do almost any difficult job while hunting (logging, skinning and so on). Well, the last couple of days, i figured out how to do it and got started. I decided to use the blade of my brush cutter (too scared to use it for brush cutting :)

I used ordinary tools of the trade. The blade, an angle grinder, some files, leather pins, 5 feet of paracord, some leather and lots of elbow grease :) ).

Step 1: Raw Material

This is the blade i used. High quality steel, perfectly balanced and edges shaped to form a blade. Just perfect for the work.

Step 2: Template

First i cut a wooden template to know what i was going to do and plan the steps

Step 3: The Cut-off

Lots of drawing and measuring, a steady hand and the angle grinder is your best friend :)

Step 4: Grip

The blade offered great grip on two fingers

Step 5: Filing

I started with a coarse file to remove the thick cover paint and progressively filed the blade to be as sharp as possible

Step 6:

And then the whole blade was filed. The knife can be used both ways, up or down, Or even hit from the top for log splitting during winter hunting

Step 7: Sheath

An old leather glove provided the perfect material for the sheath

Step 8:

And it holds very well

Step 9:

Some paracord woven on one side of the blade and VOILA!!!!!

Paracord can also be used and repositioned.

So, this is the perfect winter hunting knife for me.!!!!!

Thanks for reading my post :)

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